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  1. It goes well with that one Rooster has. Probably the regimental DI on the other side.
  2. Lieutenant Andrew A. Best of Greenville, NC wearing the 92nd Infantry Division as a combat patch post-war in Italy. Lt. Best later became a prominent physician in North Carolina and pioneered desegregation in medical services. From ECU Digital Collections: http://digital.lib.ecu.edu/56822#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=-739%2C-496%2C4319%2C4434 Lt. Best in two different shots wearing the North African Theater of Operations SSI on his left shoulder while serving in Italy post-war. From ECU Digital Collections: http://digital.lib.ecu.edu/51436#?c=0&m=0&
  3. 3rd Army SSI on the Greenville, NC Army Reserve training center building. 1956. From ECU Digital Collections: http://digital.lib.ecu.edu/2778#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=-198%2C-193%2C4827%2C3697
  4. 187th Regimental Combat Tram (Airborne) worn as a combat patch, 1958, in North Carolina. From ECU Digital Collections: http://digital.lib.ecu.edu/3382#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=-302%2C353%2C2397%2C1836 Visiting foreign military officers come to Pitt County, NC. 5th Regimental Combat Team worn as a combat patch by the Lieutenant Colonel (probably?) on the left. 1962. From ECU Digital Collections: http://digital.lib.ecu.edu/1752#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=2270%2C475%2C2073%2C1588 Lieutenant Andrew A. Best of Greenville, NC wearin
  5. 2/33rd Armor, the M103 unit of the 4th Armor Group, had two companies attached to the 3rd Armored Division. http://tmg110.tripod.com/usarmyh43.htm
  6. I haven't seen any with the SSI worn, but did find a couple interesting articles on their old and new brigade patches. Plus a lot of articles about Guardsmen complaining the Army had disbanded a regular brigade while calling them (plus 100th Bn, 442nd Infantry) to active duty. I had never seen their earlier one, what the second and third articles call the "Puloulou" patch. And the Kamehameha head patch on SSG William Range, HHC, 2/299th Infantry in June 1965.
  7. Since I took too long to look it up, all the 4th Brigade units were disbanded in July 1968. Most of the men that could were transferred to the 29th Infantry Brigade, those that couldn't be to other commands in Hawaii and the Pacific.
  8. I think I first saw mention of the Combat Arms Group here, actually! It was [i]massively[/i] understrength for what was practically a brigade on paper (1,281 for six battalions at stand-down). There's a unit history at NARA that's been on my list of things to read that, according to a history of Fort Campbell, states the unit was to be used for assisting with training and holding returnees from Vietnam waiting expiration of enlistments with a secondary mission of aiding in case of civil unrest. The remaining units at Campbell were 4/1st, 5/1st, and 6/1st Infantry; 5/3rd Infantry, and 6/1st
  9. Lt. Col. William Albright wearing the 25th ID as a combat patch and SFC Darrell Harper wearing the 3rd Army SSI in December 1968. CO and member of Service Battery, 6th Battalion, 1st Artillery, Combat Arms Group. This unit replaced the 6th ID with five understrength infantry battalions and the single artillery battalion. Men of HHC, 5th Battalion, 1st Infantry, Combat Arms Group at For Campbell, KY wearing the 3rd Army SSI. October 1968. Far left 1st Lt. Joseph Mancuso wears an 8th ID SSI as a combat patch. Both from the Leaf-Chronicle of Clarksville, TN.
  10. Neither are very good quality. First is the regimental commander of the 107th, Col. Harry Disston, wearing a patch roughly the right shape. New York Daily News 6/4/54 via Newspapers.com Second is a marching group from 1948. Also pretty indistinct but closer up looks like it could be the right shape. New York Daily News 8/9/48 via Newspapers.com
  11. Thanks! Ticks another one off the list, after 80th Airborne Division, that I've wanted to find evidence of. I've also found some photos of the 195th RCT but they're newspaper quality and I can't tell what the shoulder patches are.
  12. 150th Regimental Combat Team on the helmet of a man from Company M, 150th Infantry Regiment. Photo from the Hinton Daily News edition of April 21, 1955, via Newspapers.com.
  13. Something I've been looking for for a while was right under my nose. Most photos I've found of the 150th Infantry Regiment/Regimental Combat Team/Armored Cavalry Regiment have shown men wearing the 2nd Army patch as their SSI rather than the black diamond patch that was authorized. However, zooming in a bit on a photo I've seen before from the WVU WV & Regional History Center: I noticed that in the front row of these men from Hinton, WV's Company M, 150th Infantry there are two visibly identifiable black diamond patches. This photo was taken returning from summer camp i
  14. Going through the paces for West Virginia University ROTC cadets, from the WVU West Virginia & Regional History Center. https://wvhistoryonview.org/catalog/023272 https://wvhistoryonview.org/catalog/023179 https://wvhistoryonview.org/catalog/023277
  15. 11th Airborne Division Signal Corps officer. Bernard Stapleton of Syracuse, NY.
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