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  1. 11th Airborne Division Signal Corps officer. Bernard Stapleton of Syracuse, NY.
  2. Didn't mention by accident and now can't edit it, but the Los Animas image is postmarked 1914. One of those 40th Division artillerymen could be a relative of mine! I believe the Trench Mortar insignia was a qualification badge like for MGs, drivers, etc.
  3. Naval Hospital Los Animas (Fort Lyon), Colorado, the US Navy sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. Crew on deck of probably the Florida in 1917-1918 Soldier of the 5th Division with M1911 pistol belt. 2nd Maine Infantry, August 1916 on the Mexican border expedition.
  4. As also seen here with a blurry 43rd Division SSI on the spotter.
  5. Long Lines companies were Army Signal Command level units that handled the installation/maintenance/operation of permanent telephone systems, I believe. Switching centers, main trunks, etc. They were part of Signal Operations Battalions in the late 1950s and later, lasted until the 80's? 8th Army was served by the "8226th GHQ Long Lines Service Group". It eventually became the Korean Communications Zone Long Lines Signal Group. Long Line units seem to have served pretty dispersed. The 8226th and related units had campaign participation credit from the UN Defensive to Korea Sum
  6. All of these come from the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records' archival records of Fort Huachuca's newspaper, The Apache Sentinel. The Apache Sentinel, March 31, 1944. Editorial Staff of the Tiger Rag, 827th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Wearing Tank Destroyer Force patch. Cpl. James W. Cannon, T/5 Peter S. Wilkins, Cpl. Herbert B. Evans, Pvt. Fred D. Braithwaite, Pvt. Sherwood Q. Goggins, Sgt. Kelly Christian. The Apache Sentinel, May 19, 1944. WAC Commanding officer 1st Lt. Irma J. Clayton and XO 2nd Lt. Violet W. Askins. 9th Service Comma
  7. WVU ROTC DI in 1940 on the two right hand men, from the WVU archives.
  8. West Virginia University ROTC cadets wearing 29th Division patches at summer camp, 1939
  9. Some images from the WVU archives. Sergeant Major Harry Clayton, 349th Machine Gun Battalion, 92nd Division Lt. Jason C. Easton, GHQ staff. He was a Sergeant in the 77th Division before commissioning. Lt. Easton again. A neat one I thought, a battalion of the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry in greatcoats while at Camp Poland, Knoxville, TN waiting for transport to Columbus, GA in early 1899.
  10. Could it be the 372nd Infantry Regiment? The 1st Separate Battalion was reorganized into the 1st Battalion, 372nd in 1940.
  11. Yes. Just commenting on the spread of garrison caps in the 43rd Division at the time.
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