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  1. Long Lines companies were Army Signal Command level units that handled the installation/maintenance/operation of permanent telephone systems, I believe. Switching centers, main trunks, etc. They were part of Signal Operations Battalions in the late 1950s and later, lasted until the 80's? 8th Army was served by the "8226th GHQ Long Lines Service Group". It eventually became the Korean Communications Zone Long Lines Signal Group. Long Line units seem to have served pretty dispersed. The 8226th and related units had campaign participation credit from the UN Defensive to Korea Summer-Fall 1953.
  2. All of these come from the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records' archival records of Fort Huachuca's newspaper, The Apache Sentinel. The Apache Sentinel, March 31, 1944. Editorial Staff of the Tiger Rag, 827th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Wearing Tank Destroyer Force patch. Cpl. James W. Cannon, T/5 Peter S. Wilkins, Cpl. Herbert B. Evans, Pvt. Fred D. Braithwaite, Pvt. Sherwood Q. Goggins, Sgt. Kelly Christian. The Apache Sentinel, May 19, 1944. WAC Commanding officer 1st Lt. Irma J. Clayton and XO 2nd Lt. Violet W. Askins. 9th Service Command on both. The Apache Sentinel, July 23, 1943. Marksmanship awards bestowed on Fort Huachuca MPs. Lt. R.J. Green, Lt. Col. E.L. Hogan, M/Sgt. McWillie James, PFC Allen Harris, and Sgt. Joe Lee. Master Sergeant James was a long-time competition shooter in rifle and pistol, having served in the Army for 29 years and 7 months when this photo was taken, starting with the 25th Infantry. 9th Service Command SSI all around.
  3. WVU ROTC DI in 1940 on the two right hand men, from the WVU archives.
  4. West Virginia University ROTC cadets wearing 29th Division patches at summer camp, 1939
  5. Some images from the WVU archives. Sergeant Major Harry Clayton, 349th Machine Gun Battalion, 92nd Division Lt. Jason C. Easton, GHQ staff. He was a Sergeant in the 77th Division before commissioning. Lt. Easton again. A neat one I thought, a battalion of the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry in greatcoats while at Camp Poland, Knoxville, TN waiting for transport to Columbus, GA in early 1899.
  6. Could it be the 372nd Infantry Regiment? The 1st Separate Battalion was reorganized into the 1st Battalion, 372nd in 1940.
  7. Yes. Just commenting on the spread of garrison caps in the 43rd Division at the time.
  8. Interesting! In my 103rd Infantry photos from that same era, it's all campaign hats.
  9. Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare patch worn on the shoulder and as a pocket patch. From the National Archives.
  10. That seems to have been typical for the 69th at that time. Most pictures and uniforms I've seen have a regimental pocket patch. CSM Shaumeyer served in the 970th Engineer Maintenance Company in Europe, from what I can tell, with campaign credit for Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland and Germany in Central Europe. His unit was also credited with Ardennes-Alsace.
  11. Officers of the 370th Infantry Regiment wearing their Croix de Guerre medals, from the National Archives. Left to Right, Rear Row: 1st Lt. Robert P. Hurd, Co. B; Lt. Col. Otis B. Duncan, 3rd Bn CO; Maj. James R. White, MD; Capt. William B. Crawford, Co. L; 1st Lt. William J. Warfield, DSC*, HQ Co. 3rd Bn; Capt. Rufus B. Jackson, Reg. HQ Co.** Left to Right, Front Row: Capt. George M. Allen, Co. F; 1st Lt. Osceola A Browning, Co. M; Capt. Devere J. Warner, HQ Co.; 1st Lt. Roy B. Tisdell, Co. C; Capt. James H. Smith, Co. C https://i.imgur.com/s4c2pdM.jpg *=The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to William J. Warfield, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in action near Ferme-de-la-Riviere, France, September 28, 1918. Although separated with his platoon from the company, First Lieutenant Warfield continued to lead a stubborn resistance against enemy machine-gun nests, successfully capturing a gun and killing the crew. After having been severely wounded, he still continued in command, refusing relief until his objective was reached. **: "The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Rufus B. Jackson, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in action near Farm La Folie, France, September 28, 1918. Having been ordered to use his Stokes mortars in wiping out machine-gun nests, which had been resisting the advance of his company, Lieutenant Jackson made a personal reconnaissance by crawling to the enemy's lines to locate the nests. Accomplishing his purpose, he returned and directed the fire, silencing the guns."
  12. Great pictures, patches! I need to scan pictures out of my 44th ID yearbook from the same time period.
  13. Some Army Digest photos. 193rd Infantry Brigade in March 1971. 8th Infantry Division, November 1967 9th Infantry Division, November 1967 at the 936th Veterinary Detachment in Saigon.
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