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  1. hi everybody, i am curious, is there a such thing as online appraisers ?,we have a pretty big assortment /collection of military items, and we need info on the items,, thank you Petie Museum Mans Daughter
  2. oh i just came back across this, when is the Louisville show? 2 times a year? specific dates? Petie
  3. i kinda sorta think they depend on others they can call on to give them ideas of what items are worth,i dont think Military is so much their ''THING'' they bought a little but not much,if we had a motorcycle collection, they'd bought us out, haha,,,, Petie
  4. he didnt want the flippers,, i think i tried to give them to him in the deal, if i recall, he didnt want them,
  5. i agree, they passed up a whole lotta GOOD stuff, and i was hoping for at least ''CONTACTS'' that bought /appraised/collected Militaria,,,but they never came thru for me, like they said they would, Petie
  6. your correct, it was a BAD deal, regret it but water under the bridge now, the FEE'S were very SALTY,,but it is what it is, its done n over Petie
  7. thank you for sharing this, is was one of the coolest items we ever owned, thank you for posting this, Petie : )
  8. yep they passed, but they did get RIA involved and at thr end of the day, it didnt end up good for us, but oh well,,,,,,,,
  9. oh boy, I have already met some ''VULTURES'',, thats for sure and those interested in '' HELPING'' me with the 'VALUE'' of items, and when i ASK them if they have a MOTIVE,, of course they answer '' WELL YES'', hahaha...... I had to show a few of them the door ! what they dont realize, I am my dad's daughter, I was raised in this, I may not know the value of some items, but i can sniff a scammer a mile away ! and very very unfortunately in this old world there are people that will take a person to the cleaners if they can,,I understand being able to make a buck,, but to skin some body is
  10. ok. well thanks for the info, but I totally RESPECT my dad and his knowledge and I am gonna stick with my Guns on dad's price,, and to be quite honest, I dont care one way or the other is this baby sells, because i love it,, it can be a conversation piece for fun,, and I plan on being in Louisville , I hear ya can take items there and get appraisals,, and I hope to meet some people that can work with me on a lot of the Military items, it could keep them busy for 3 years,, thanks for your time Ronnie Petie
  11. thank you so much !!! and yes please visit the webpage, we are trying to add items daily, and if ya see items you like you guys let me know, i am a motivated seller, hehee, thank u so much,, and thank you for serving our Country !! Petie
  12. can u ask him to please email me contact info at the bobnjoanstewart@gmail.com or maybe u can send it to me here in email message.. thank u for helping me, Petie
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