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  1. Thanks to a friend I was on the look out for one and Found this one recently and would like to see if anyone has additional pictures of it in combat. I have 2 from saipan, hope to get more. Thank you
  2. mint condition P42 trousers, top and cover.
  3. if anyone comes accross any of my uncles stuff i would be happy to purchase with no questions asked. my cousin 20 years ago sold off one sea bag with contents. my uncle was KIA in Saipan on 7/8/44. thank you very much, i know its a long shot 2nd marine division
  4. recently came across a set of p44 camo pants and noticed the fly buttons were smooth black aluminium buttons/ not the u.s marine corp marked donut buttons. what's the story on these? they are type 1 too..
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