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  1. Jpage

    SRU-22 /P

    Used in larger multi-place aircraft kits ?
  2. Jpage

    SRU-22 /P

    How was the SRU-22P signal kit used ? What was it ?
  3. Interesting video on the M-592 : https://www.offgridweb.com/gear/video-unboxing-a-pristine-1944-usn-pilot-survival-kit/
  4. Im told that un-intended inflation is the reason the MC-1 knife was issued. An inflated raft, during flight, could cause loss of control.
  5. Looks like they would not be large enough......
  6. Would need a bail to be USGI ?
  7. $40-50, maybe a little more.
  8. Anyone else watching that auction on that famous online auction site ? I guessed it would go fir ~ $500, shows how much I know.
  9. My understanding is that the modified MA2's where used stateside, SV-2's were used overseas where additional survival equipment might be required .
  10. Were they issue or PX/private purchase ?
  11. Were RH36 blades originally parkerized or blued ? Every one I've seen over the years is devoid of finish.
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