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  1. Hi, does anyone know why Camillus, and perhaps other manufacturers, applied gray paint to the pommel of the Pilot-survival knife ? I have an example made by Ontario, from 1984, with black paint on the pommel. I’m mystified.....
  2. Jpage

    SRU-22 /P

    Used in larger multi-place aircraft kits ?
  3. Jpage

    SRU-22 /P

    How was the SRU-22P signal kit used ? What was it ?
  4. Interesting video on the M-592 : https://www.offgridweb.com/gear/video-unboxing-a-pristine-1944-usn-pilot-survival-kit/
  5. Im told that un-intended inflation is the reason the MC-1 knife was issued. An inflated raft, during flight, could cause loss of control.
  6. Looks like they would not be large enough......
  7. Anyone else watching that auction on that famous online auction site ? I guessed it would go fir ~ $500, shows how much I know.
  8. My understanding is that the modified MA2's where used stateside, SV-2's were used overseas where additional survival equipment might be required .
  9. Were they issue or PX/private purchase ?
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