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    Collecting Military gear and historic guns.
  1. Can anybody tell me and maybe even provide a pic or two of what the earliest 30 round "hardback" mags for the M1/M2 carbine would have been carried in? Is it the same pouch as the Korean dated ones I have seen? If so, are there actually WWII dated ones out there?
  2. That's all I have . I am considering buying this and just wanted some opinions . It is a hardback so I think it is real.
  3. I have an original Updike Awning M1 carbine case dated 1944.
  4. Can anybody tell me if the markings on this "hardback" 30 round magazine is correct for early Inland M2 use?
  5. At least someone enjoys his treasures. I believe that many have been simply thrown away because nobody cared.. Thanks for sharing
  6. Great Piece!! Love these GI bringbacks!! Too bad there wasn't much of anything worth keeping where I was sent...
  7. I am always amazed at the "original" stuff on Ebay. The bad part is someone believes it and pays huge money for stuff that doesn't even look real if they would just do a little research.
  8. Are you going to replace the hammer? If so, I would keep the original one close too
  9. I would research it and try to find out what company or distributor marked them this way and at what timeline they did this. Kinda neat piece of the past.
  10. Wouldn't call it junk but definately reproduction.
  11. Any import marks on the barrel?
  12. I would lean more toward Civil War era. Kinda hard to say but the way the sharp edge goes all the way back to the large guard and the butcher knife overall outline of the knife is what I am basing my assumption on.
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