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  1. I just happened to find this post, little late , I'm afraid to say there was indeed a Drill Corporal course in the Ft. Polk Academy, I know this because I attended and graduated, happen to have the graduation certificate, and I also participated in the training of troops as a Drill Sgt.'s assistant. I'm betting at this point, it was a Ft. Polk only deal.
  2. In 1968 I attended a Military Course at Ft. Polk called the Drill Corporal Course, a 4 week course in which after graduation I was assigned to a BCT unit, a pocket patch was issued, I have had no luck even finding a picture of this patch , If anyone has any knowledge of this patch, the patch itself, a picture , I would greatly appreciate it, at this point , thanks
  3. Still looking for that elusive Ft. Polk Drill Corporal pocket patch ( circa late 60's ) anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Nah,it was my buddys' 1963 Chevy Impala, convertible, he was the Company Armorer
  5. Found the only pic of me while serving as a Drill Corporal, unfortunately the patch is not at a good angle, but you can see the color of the patch somewhat
  6. Yes, I'm about 99% sure that is indeed the Drill Corporal patch, However I did my AIT at Tigerland and don't remember any Drill Corporals in the cadre, they were all Vietnam vets, E5 and up that I recall. All the guys I graduated with went to BCT units, there were only about 15 or so in my group.
  7. And I might add, It is definitely the right shape, I remember that precisely.
  8. Me neither, waiting to see if my son in law can do anything with it
  9. From what I recall, and that was a long time ago, I believe it was a torch, but not entirely sure of that.
  10. Appreciate the post, I believe that could be it, wish I knew the colors, because I do remember that it was 3 colors, Gold or yellow, blue and silver, great find and definitely the right time frame, I wore it in 68
  11. Looking for any info. or pics of the Drill Corporal pocket patch issued after graduation at the Ft. Polk Academy during the Vietnam War. It was a 4 week course, I believe it was a combination of Blue, Gold and Silver color
  12. Appreciate it, It has become somewhat of an obsession
  13. If anyone has any info on the Drill Corporal Program at Ft. Polk during the Vietnam War or could furnish any leads, it would be greatly appreciated, it's the missing piece of the puzzle in my tour, I attended in 68, and I think I might have been in the only class graduated, the pocket patch issued is beyond impossible to locate. at this point any lead would be more than greatly appreciated.
  14. Any lead is greatly appreciated, thanks for the tip, never dreamt it would be this difficult, thanks again
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