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  1. Ok , thank you very much, glad i asked first.
  2. Hi everyone, is this patch on ebay the real deal or just a modern reproduction. item number : 112945262966 ( sorry can't paste the link) best regards
  3. 20th engineer patch looks and feels like velvet. Vietnam made?
  4. Shirt, army aviation crewmember + cap. Most insignia is US made, name tape and 20th engineer patch i'm not sure about.
  5. Thanks for the info. Are there any reference books on thai or Vietnam made patches?
  6. Thank you for the reply. Here some pics of the shoulder patches
  7. Hello everyone, i recently bought this K2B flight suit with embroided capt. rank, navigator badge and name tag. Possibly done in Thailand? Is this flight suit original or not, i've been trying to search for some info on the name "Mike Barber" but without any results. Can somebody help me to find some info on this person please? I live in Europe and don't have access on any research databases. Thanks in advance Best regards Phoenix
  8. ok, good to know. Thanks for the info guys
  9. Are those originals or reproduction?
  10. Hi everyone Is this blood chit authentic and worth buying ? eBay item number : 152395536598
  11. Thank you all for the information
  12. Hello everyone , is this HMM patch real or fake ?
  13. Thx for the replies. @phantomfixer, thats the color i'm looking for. Is it a standard color or more some color that was available at the time like Doyler said
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