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  1. You are right: it seems to be a SPH-3C modified with a single visor. I found holes in the shell wcovered with reflective tape and they match with the double visor et up.
  2. I'm trying to identify the provenance of this SPH-4 helmet with a horse head on the visor cover. My best guess is that it comes from an USMC squadron. Can someone identify it ? It has a clear visor. Is it the right configuration when using NVG googles ? Thanks, Phi
  3. Hi Guys, I recently bought this 434 TFTS helmet on ebay. It has a beautifully decorated visor cover with squadron emblem and a T-38. Its condition was a bit rough so I fully stripped the helmet for cleaning and found some information under the visor cover. There is a tag (difficult to read) which is similar to what I've seen on some helmets done by Protection Inc. Holloman AFB Capt. Jacob's (my best guess) Single HGU-2 Bright Red Silver Flakes In addition, MINNIEA was found hand written under the visor cover and also found written on the form fit liner. This normally correspond
  4. I bought this helmet on ebay last week. This one was made by Protection Inc. in California in the eighties. As usual, I stripped the helmet to give it a good cleaning and polishing. I found a label inside the shell with a date: 1981. A name was had written on the styrofoam liner: NIMS D. Cheers, Phil
  5. I stripped my helmet to give it a good cleaning and found a name written on the custom fit liner: Lt Woodlee I googled it and it matched: Susan Lynn Woodlee. In her career she spent some time at Nellis AFB with one of the aggressors squadron based there. http://www.aewa.org/boards/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=430 Cheers, Phil
  6. Very interesting helmet and visor cover. Could also be a custom fit HGU-2 made by Protection Inc. On the spare visor cover, I read MET BLUE and not MED BLUE as on mine. Could mean Metallic blue. Phil
  7. Hi guys, Years ago I bought this helmet on ebay. This is a single visor HGU-26 with a 2 part form fit liner and leather edge roll. I always thought this helmet comes from an F-5 aggressors squadron based at Nellis. But when looking on the net, I found several helmets with the same black & yellow checker design but used on F-4, F-105, F-5, F-15, etc... I always thought this type of design had a connection with Nellis AFB or Nevada state but cannot find any evidence or any reference documentation on the subject. This is why I would like to share these pictures with experienced
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