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  1. Thank you Bob. I appreciate your help. The ATF haversack had a few defects. The strap for the meat can pouch was 3/4" shorter than the original so even doing as you suggested didn't help. I ended up buying a repro haversack tail from ebay and using one of the straps from it to make a new one. The color is a little off but it's cheaper than buying another haversack.
  2. Hello, I am new to this site and I have several questions about the M1928 haversack. I recently purchased one from ATF and an original from ebay. The one from ATF has two errors, the strap on the meat can pouch is too short and the short little strap on the tail that the leather strap attaches to is on the wrong side of the tail. Getting to the point, I can't figure out exactly how one is supposed to close the meat can pouch with the mess kit and utensils inside. The original will close if I don't use the leather sleeves for the utensils and the repro won't since the strap is too short. The sl
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