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  1. Check out this thread http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/266473-operation-desert-storm-1991-individual-equipment/?fromsearch=1
  2. The field gear is pretty much all ALICE gear. There are various nuances such as buckles, markings, and construction. The protective mask went from the M17 series to the M40 series. The PASGT insides changed in the late 90's. The NBC canteen cap has like three variations. I maintain my Senior ROTC and National Guard and my basic training web gear. All the setups happen to be the same. Sometimes I added a compass and/or bayonet depending on the training.
  3. Having the collector's instinct going into the US Army, I have fairly good records. I also have about 90+% of the clothing issued to me at Ft. Benning in June 1997. I even have extra NIP brown shirts because some poor guy left it at 30th AG. Pawto, I tried looking for you on Facebook. I found your profile but not the album you mentioned earlier.
  4. While at 227 Engineer Company with Hawaii Army National Guard I was issued a dougnut pad. I kept it in the plastic bag to collect. I bought a PX one to use. The issued doughnut has disintegrated so I don't have it anymore.
  5. RFX made the real thing also. The best way to tell if you have a repop is the fuse. The modern fuses have a different thread from the war time ones. If a modern fuse goes right in its a repop.
  6. This is a modern M51 series 20mm dummy.
  7. You will also need to get the cardboard sleeves for each pocket.
  8. Hope this helps. Interesting there is an extra hole bored into yours.
  9. These are cool never seen a good matched pair with the combat jump star. Did you put them up for sale?
  10. This is an amazing find. Preserve it well.
  11. My grandfather's tags. Second picture has his draft card.
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