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  1. Very cool. Thanks for helping out... I was on ALASKA. We had a set of solid gold dolphins that came from wayyy back. And they stayed with the boat. The guy who had them would wear them until the end of his tour, then he'd get them engraved with the initials of the junior-most qualified guy, and pass them along at his Hail and Fairwell party. I was not one of the guys who wore those ones, but it was still pretty cool. I'm half tempted to mail these to C.O. USS USTAFISH and tell him to stick them on the next junior officer he qualifies. These are mine. Not minty,
  2. Just as an FYI, Engineering Duty are part of the restricted line--they're more of the naval architecture strain. They're not part of the ship's Engineering Department, and you wouldn't see these on guys who were part of ship's company.
  3. I was at the local jewelry shop; the watchmaker there finally finished repairing my watch. It came up that I'd served on a submarine, and he asked if I'd be interested in and old set of dolphins. Sure. $50 sounded like a reasonable deal. I gather they're Meyer. The pins look short to me, (in comparison to modern pins). So with what little knowledge I possess, I am guessing they're WWII? But then, I am thinking there are indications that the pins have been relocated (or that this didn't even have pins originally based on the bright spot at the top center). Apparently silver
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