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  1. My latest find is this uniform (I have the trousers, boots and beret also) from a 2nd battalion member. it is named to a soldier named Donoghue who traded it for a Dutch uniform with a Dutch soldier some years ago. Now that I own it, I would like to know more about these type of uniforms and the equipment used with it, and if possible even make it more complete. I don’t know if it even could leed to find out more about this “Donoghue”? Could someone help with more info about this one or give me a suggestion for a website about these uniforms and equipment, wings etc. thanks in ad
  2. Good find the repair has been done nicely, love it.
  3. I would like to bring this up once more, since i did not find any more information about it. Maybe one of you know more about it. Does anyone have any more ideas or information about this liner, the webbing or maybe the number stitched on to the webbing? Thank you in advance
  4. It has been my understanding that the ww2 type M1 bandoleers had no markings at all. Can anyone tell me more about these bandoleers or how to identify ww2 bandoleers? I can’t seem to find information in this section about the subject. Many thanks in advance
  5. Skiph, thank you for your comment. Indeed, just what thought, but the quality (when in hands) is not like any other reproductions i've seen. It is very well made. Do you know who might have made this one?
  6. It is slightly wider and longer than the other Utica M3 I have got. Beacause of that it does not fit in a m8 sheath.
  7. Hello, I have purchased this knife. It does have the appearance of a WW2 era knife, but I don't think it is real. It is well made and has the looks, but who made it? I would like to have more opinions about this one.
  8. Last November a collegae set down after a walk in the Groesbeek forest and stood up beacause some "thing" was poking in his behind. It appeared to be a 60mm mortar, left behind and complete, only my collegae his voice cracked then. The dutch EOD took care of the 60mm. We often find some "thing" when we take a walk, on many occasions it has been freshly been dug up by some metal detecting treasure seaker. And most, allof the time i reported it, i was the first to do so.
  9. Any one any idea what these numbers mean, or why they would have changed the webbing on this Liner?? Thank you in advance
  10. NIce helmet, i have got to get me one myself one day. Thanks for sharing.
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