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  1. Wow, that is a dio to be proud of. All the custom detail builds,and the effort. It all comes together to show your dedication n hard work.
  2. I recently used sawdust and a combo. Of earth color pigments, and elmers glue to simulate winter into spring type wet heavy mud on the track section of my ersatz v10 ,unveiling soon. Worked great. Also, thanks to Wayne for clarifying a long standing question I had about using the putties for mud. I chose the sawdust for texture in the mud, tanks are constantly running over wood,rock...
  3. Ghost_ny


    Excellent description. Another good tool for producing pinhole chips and fading from paint to rust is a stiff nylon flat brush and lightly pushing into the surface at an angle. A word of caution, use minimal water to loosen up the top layer of acrylic paint or you can leave water spots and light and dark spots that will need to be blended back in to the top color. The beauty of acrylics is that you can play with the top layer by carefully using water for blending ,chipping,and edging rust.
  4. Wow,awesome drawings. I really like the reflection and shimmer in the tail of the p1, not easy illusion to pull off.
  5. i have found one so far but it is missing colors and other colors are listed under different color #s but with the same color name?!
  6. So my wife bought me some models for christmas and these will be my first models in about 20-25 yrs, alot has changed, theres alot of new colors and the detail has significantly increased in the models themselves. For my first build i am going to tackle an ersatz M10. I would like to do a diorama scene with this model in the future, but as of now i would like to take a few baby steps before i start running in the model world again...lol Now i am faced with my first of (probably) many questions where i will be asking for some help from the more experienced model builders here. After receiving the ersatz M10 and unpacking and checking to be sure all the sprues and parts are in the box, I now begin to think about paint colors. The model directions are calling for GSI. Creos Corp. aqueous model colors, which i am not very familiar with. In the past i have always tried to stay with vallejo and have had nothing but success using vallejo colors. The big question is, does anyone know of a conversion chart for colors between manufacturers? Or does anybody know how i could go about using vallejo colors and retaining the accuracy of the paint for this build??
  7. wow, love the detail using the indigo and olive combo, for that sweaty look. and i also like the way you allow yourself to play with the colors, even though differing from one figure to the next, i think it deffinately adds to the scene and story.... looks great!
  8. WOW, mindblowing(no pun intended) and super creative.
  9. looks awesome as it is in the pics above. do you have any updated pics of any changes you have made? i especially love the detail on the weather covers on the gun mantlet and the gunners hole.
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