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  1. On a frosty day...a wrinkled M-65
  2. Would it be possible for a senior Tech Sgt in a unit to hold this position in the USAF? Thanks
  3. All the MULTICAM I have found has been stripped of insignia.. But last fall, I found a jacket that was not completely empty...
  4. USAF MSGT x 2 Still pressed crisp...
  5. Well collected USAF from the position of availability...condition and size I like L/XL sizes. The flea market I haunt usually has a lot of USAF stuff.. DCU, ABU and woodland BDU Probably a 60/40 mix of USAF / US ARMY Sometimes just crap, but the occasional great item turns up.. Lots of stuff stained with grease or paint, but other times there are just perfect condition stuff looking like it was issued a week before the guy retired The DCU supply there is not as great now as a couple years back.. Now ABUs and MULTICAM items are starting to take hold They are buying bulk mixed lots of th
  6. More summer morning flea market finds. Both are name stripped, USCENTAF patched, and Large / Short sized. M-65 is Golden Mfg Co 1999 production.
  7. Great stuff all around... Love the desert Berlin Brigade patch... UN chocolate chip
  8. Keep me posted on the book Kevin... Another Swabbie
  9. Hey Kevin, that's me... The DCU bug has bitten many! Cheers, Dave
  10. Lt Col. Mark Meyer Deputy Commader 50th Space Wing Schriever AFB Retired in 2004
  11. Another mint cond farmer flea market USAF DCU M-65... Air Combat Command 1999 contract Golden MFG Co
  12. Got 3 sets of these from a member of the 3d Combat Communications Group based at Tinker AFB
  13. Virtually new M-65.. Has anyone got any pics of the DCU M-65 in service... I have one somewhere of some AF types working on some comm equipment in the states... Other that that none come to mind
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