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  1. Possibly one of the Korean or Greek produced bayonets?
  2. If I’m not mistaken, the domed rivets on more of a desert tan webbing is Greek? I have a few of those foreign made scabbards that the metal is unstamped & have seen instances where the foreign webbing is installed on US made scabbards when the original webbing is shot. Those rivets are not hard to save & reuse. When I am replacing webbing on rotten scabbards, I can reuse about 75-80% of the original rivets, 100% of the keeper strap ends & about 50% of the snaps.
  3. I have the exact same hat, only difference is mine has blond fur. Definitely a civilian cap. I call mine my “Elmer Fudd” hat & wear it in the winter just to piss off the Mrs. She hates the damned thing with a passion and can’t stand it because for some reason, I constantly get compliments on it. Was well worth the $15 I spent on it!
  4. Had the same. Sold something awhile back on best offer, so buyer paid his price. 3 weeks later he wants a refund, but requests to KEEP the item! Finally worked it out where he returned for refund, but he had also filed with PayPal, so they locked my account. Took almost an hour on the phone with them to get his refund sent & my acct unlocked. I also don’t sell overseas anymore. Lost a nice blade marked M-3 that was held in customs. Think the buyers know this, so filed as item not received, so got his money back & it cost me the knife, fees & shipping. Other wartime things I had sol
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys! Was fun working with George on this one. Just like with my flight jacket restoration work, I really get to handle a lot of unique pieces that I otherwise wouldn’t get to see.
  6. I could make one if I had one to take measurements from or good drawings with the specs
  7. I’m guessing here so could be wrong but would assume since these were a mass produced “tool” at the time, staining the leather would be the first thing dropped from the process to speed production. Original coloring could also have a lot to do with the tanning processes used at the time.
  8. The back of the box with documentation
  9. Flag taken from the same soldier These items had been stored in a panty hose box since the war
  10. These items were brought back from the battle for Okinawa by Howard Eugene Tucker, USMC. Gene was my neighbor from the time I was born until we moved when I was 11 and was someone I considered family. We went fishing together & he pretty much got me thru the 6th grade when I had a below average teacher who didnt teach, just wrote things on the board & expected you to figure it out. Gene had me write down everything each day, bring it over & we would figure it out together. He also loved to tell his war stories. Since I was younger, the particulars of his service & which battle
  11. Kabar USMC saved from the scrap heap
  12. Yep, & it’s killed more people than the Spanish flu.
  13. Check this one out. Look at the blade markings, then read the story... https://www.ebay.com/itm/M3-1943-custom-fighting-knife-by-Bravamano-/253504488090
  14. Heres a before & after of a broken down Kabar MK1 I picked up for myself.
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