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  1. To answer your initial inquiry, this Elgin box measures 145mm length by 65mm wide and 25mm depth. Let me know about the other boxes and I will photograph and measure those as well.
  2. I have a Bulova box that is very similar to yours that I can measure, though I suspect it might be a bit smaller. I also have a Waltham Ord Dept box I can measure if that is something that would also interest you.
  3. The helmet itself is far too late for that style insignia and it appears to be relatively fresh rattle can but the OD underneath is original.
  4. I am relatively sure that hallmark is exclusive to WW2 produced distinctive insignia.
  5. As memory serves, my grandfather's service number changed from the WW2 format to RA in 1947 when he left the AAF as it disbanded and became a separate branch and he went into the Army. You can request what records there are through St. Louis. At a minimum, they should have his final pay stub.
  6. It has to be well below freezing in order to kill them. The things can literally survive off dust!
  7. I don't believe the loops are misrepresented. He only has the 2nd award clasp which is for 3 years on top of the ribbon itself for the 1 year. It's likely he served his 4 years during the war and subsequent occupation. I can't speak much to the rope but one could assume you may be right about it being for his unit's WW1 service.
  8. My assumption is he likely mixed up the American Campaign and American Defense ribbons. He would only need 1 service stripe for the GCM and clasp to make sense. I think the uniform is fine as is. I would buy it.
  9. Yes, you are correct. The decoration itself would be awarded for 1 year of service and the 2nd award (Clasp and 2 knots) would be for the subsequent 3 years of service. The ribbon and clasp pictured here would indicate 4 years of service. Great looking jacket you have there.
  10. Hey all, I was looking for some input on this named 63rd Troop Carrier A-2 flight jacket. It looks pretty good to me with typical signs of use and age, but I'd like to see what the masses think. It's listed on Lux Military Antiques. Thanks in advance! Link: https://www.lux-military-antiques.com/en/p/usaaf-type-a-2-flight-jacket-patched-and-named-.htm
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