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  1. I can't answer where they were made, but the value seems to be around $15 - $20 in good condition...
  2. Fantastic ID on the British Commando Badge. Can you point me to some source material or a thread that discusses real vs. reproduction? It seems there are countless varieties of these out there, and even "ID'd" badges only bring $50 or so... why the need for the reproductions?
  3. Is this trench art, or an official/unofficial unit insignia of some sort? It's made of brass, and the craftsmanship's pretty solid. I've never seen anything like it, and just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something here. It measures just over 1.5" long. Thanks for your time, Tom
  4. The first is a German Navy Coastal Artillery NCO or Petty Officer Insignia.
  5. This appears to be made for British or Scottish troops post war. I can't make out the obverse text in the photos - that would likely be your best and easiest way of identifying the piece. You might also try the world militaria forum if you don't find what you're looking for here. I also found many examples of the "Diamond T" makers mark on the reverse on brass medals, although none of the listings provided attribution.
  6. Thanks Jeff, Finding early aviators from the 94th wearing this pin has been the easy part. Getting a solid answer if this could be WWI original or a later reproduction has been tough. I'm not sure where else to post this to find an answer....
  7. Does anyone have any info on the oversize pistol expert badges? I found why and when the army made that beautiful expert machinegunner badge, but can't find anything about why or when there was an oversized version of the PE badge.
  8. I feel the consensus is non-military winged shoe. I appreciate all the help here....
  9. I just jumped down that rabbit hole... Seems the U.S. version always an eagle on top of the anchor, and the British / Canadian Royal Sea Cadets have a crown on top. Still searching this one... Thanks for the new direction, Patches.
  10. Just thought I'd add this little bit I just learned in researching the wings... Apparently Pan-Am used two models of the "clipper" flying boat aircraft, and one was made by Boeing, and the other by Martin. The latter typically had the single tail. I'm also glad to see there's a military tie here in that many of these were used in WWII. Thanks again for steering me in the right direction, Savage Sailor.
  11. You're batting a thousand today... I searched Boeing clipper pin online and found an exact match for these wings! Thanks again!!
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