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    My War Corner

    Nice display
  2. beautiful display
  3. Yes sir, I got them from a grouping of a Solders his name was Uncle Louie. At Bellwood flea market. Both are rear seam and could be rewelded bails to swivel, or rebuilt.Attatch is the picture of the Soldier
  4. I am at Walter Reed Hospital then to Richmond VCU. I don't have pics with me. Found that they are rear seam.
  5. Can some kind member tell me anything about these two, serial #? when they were born? 1. Schlueter 51A 2. 1048B NO S MARK, MAYBE McCORD THANK YOU
  6. I found two M1 helmets yesterday. 1. Heat stamp 51A and the large S schlueter dark OD with cork, rear seam, stich chin strap, swivel bail 2. Heat Stamp 1048 B, rear seam, dark OD paint , swivel bail ?? McCord? Mitch
  7. Was there ever the same Danish mark ever on E-tools date 1945? Made by Ames. Mitch
  8. No wonder I can't find one M6 scabbard with M-3. They are all in CA.
  9. mruiz


    The new Army Quartermaster/Ordnance museum at Fort Lee, one of the gentleman volunteered said they do want full mannequins do to racial complaints. Go figure. Just Bustos, tops. Were are we going with this, I don't know? Mitch
  10. If I may ask to put my name down for one, if you will. Name is Mitchell. Thank you for posting.
  11. Question is that a miss spell. Puerto Rico or Porto Rico?
  12. I love seeing this stuff.
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