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  1. Army Ordnance museum at Fort Lee? I am here local but have not seen it yet.
  2. I was just brain storming a close to accurate list, for reference and collecting. MR. Dusting and Sactroop, you guys should take the lead on this quest?
  3. MATTS, great list to save. But it lacking fighting knifes not listed. For example the Western series, (shark), the MK 2, the KA-BAR series. The dates they stared showing up (issued) for Soldiers, Seamen and Marines? I understand the 1905 Bayonet works on the 1903 and was used on the A3 also and then cut down. I guess with out the book, it's a toss up. Thanx mitch
  4. I was researching on Google, and did not find. An order in witch fighting knives for the Army, Navy, USMC were issued from the beginning of 1940 until the end of Vietnam war? like. bayonets are not to hard to follow. PH 35,36, CASE, 1. MK 1 first 2. MK 2 second 3. KABAR mark N.Y third 1942-1943 4. KABAR not mark N.Y fourth 1943-45 5. CATTARAGUS 225Q fifth ??? 6. CORNETTA... etc. .....
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