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  1. mruiz

    My War Corner

    Nice display
  2. beautiful display
  3. Yes sir, I got them from a grouping of a Solders his name was Uncle Louie. At Bellwood flea market. Both are rear seam and could be rewelded bails to swivel, or rebuilt.Attatch is the picture of the Soldier
  4. I am at Walter Reed Hospital then to Richmond VCU. I don't have pics with me. Found that they are rear seam.
  5. Can some kind member tell me anything about these two, serial #? when they were born? 1. Schlueter 51A 2. 1048B NO S MARK, MAYBE McCORD THANK YOU
  6. I found two M1 helmets yesterday. 1. Heat stamp 51A and the large S schlueter dark OD with cork, rear seam, stich chin strap, swivel bail 2. Heat Stamp 1048 B, rear seam, dark OD paint , swivel bail ?? McCord? Mitch
  7. Was there ever the same Danish mark ever on E-tools date 1945? Made by Ames. Mitch
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