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  1. I wouldn't leave the photo in the container for more than an hour or so. Test it to see if it will start to unroll. If not, give some more time. Only try a couple times a day, the humidity can start to swell up the paper.
  2. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Don't think I've seen wings like these on here yet. Sew on, no hallmark. They belonged to a B Company, 1/505th PIR trooper (Sicily, Naples, Normandy, Market Garden, Ardennes, Rhineland and Germany) with 3 combat jumps.
  4. MG Ralph Truman (Harry's cousin) was TAG for the Missouri National Guard, part of the 35th Division. He was only the commander for about a year after the division was federalized in 1940. For most of the 1920's and early 1930's the 35th was a recognized NG division but wasn't really organized and had no headquarters. The photo is from the 1939 Missouri NG yearbook. Edit: His patch would've been a somewhat lighter blue embroidered on wool and without any white.
  5. I bought what was sold as a M1917A1 for around $40. No liner or bails but in excellent condition. The problem? The stamped markings are completely unknown to me. Granted I am a major novice when it comes to helmets. Any idea what I have?
  6. A couple PATRON 11 patches, big and little. The big patch is 4.5" wide, 5" tall. The smaller one is 3" x 3.25".
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it is a fake. It just doesn't look....crisp enough, if that makes sense.
  8. Chain stitching! That was the term I was trying to remember. Thanks.
  9. Black wool felt with two elastic bands with a really unique type of embroidery for the title. I'm thinking it could be fairly valuable but have no idea how much. What is everyone's opinion of it?
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