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  1. The liner is the same as a Canadian mrk2 ww2 era
  2. I remember one bringing 280 a while back on eBay but dont think it was as nice as the one mentioned
  3. I picked up a model 12 barrel at the Tulsa gun show it's nicely marked and has the notches for the heat shield it looks like a nos barrel with the flaming bomb mark I was wondering what the value of somthing like this is to see if I did all right on it
  4. Thanks for the quick respons I will check into a repair shop first and go from there
  5. Dose anyone know where a good useable fuel tank for a 1944 dodge wc63 could be found ? or maybe even a new production one ?
  6. I'm not sure either so your not alone Sundance
  7. this weekend at a little antique shop I found this old sign named to a major w.k Mitchell and mrs It's a really neat looking sign and defiantly has some age to it It seems to be made out of thin pressed wood but I am not really sure I was wondering if anyone could help me find some information on him and better date it
  8. Ok guys I have recently bought a 513t and got to looking at it and it has frank James atwoods marking for inspection on it ! But the gun dosnt say u.s. Military on it anywhere The date code on the barrel puts it mid to late 1945 Will have pictures up soon
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