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  1. Different variations are common. I. Would bid on them.
  2. Another possibility could be they were participating in Shellback Festivities/initiation while crossing the equator. I see a lot of different clothing, and guitar etc....If you look at the far left of the photo you see a sailor and Marine dressed properly. Probably because they had already done the initiation. I have several early shellback photos in my collection that are similar to this one only exception is there are a few Devil Dogs in mine wearing mop heads lol. Just a thought.
  3. Roger. IRT the posted cover it is definitely blue and red. I have personally seen this cover. Hope all is well. S/F Saved round: Merry Christmas!!!!,
  4. This was a early type that did not last long. I am know sure if it is a band cover or not. There is another type like this that has the reverse colors; Top was blue with red band. No quatrefoil. That didn't last long either.
  5. Nice pickup Chuck.......why can't I be so lucky. Semper Fidelis!
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