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  1. Yes there are waist buttons on the back! They're needed, for a medium this is relatively roomy. Cuffs are quite large. And I believe you're referring to this forum post where someone posted their 1976 dated Special Forces "jump smock" in the pattern. There's also another ripstop shirt. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/261786-6-color-dcu-evolution/
  2. Glad I was able to snag it! The stitching quality is pretty good aside from a few defects here and there. My original intentions were to modify it but I am gonna leave it alone and look for some Ripstop material from a roll. I've seen it and it should pop up sooner or later.
  3. Hi guys! Haven't posted in a while but here's a recent find I came upon. It is a rare commercial ripstop DBDU shirt! I did some research on it, and it's pretty unique. I've included pictures of the tags but it's not legible and they're very hard to read so I edited the information on the photos in my program. It has interesting tags and is made out of an interesting material! Quite a rare one now! So what I know about this shirt is it has an RN number, which immediately indicated commercial. RN 75123 which tells me it was made by M.S.I. International who made hunting camouflage in BDU
  4. These holes don't really serve a purpose on this cot I don't think, because the legs only fold out so far for the first hole. The sagging is unavoidable, especially in the middle. I am not really sure why to be honest, later cots only have one.
  5. Hi All, I have decided to list the set on Ebay. Using the information obtained from the forum for better accuracy let me thank everyone. http://www.ebay.com/itm/263020765975?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 If anyone wants to buy it now or send a reasonable offer please feel free. I want the right people to buy it!
  6. I just varnished it, the color was good, but it just toasted a little bit with that on there. Also, the way screws would work you'd be spending a ton of money. I actually experimented with a few things. I tried post fasteners but couldn't find the right length and the cost was way more than I was willing to pay. That would be the most ideal for disassembly if you could find them cheap. Then I tried cutting nails down to hammer as rivets but they ended up being too hard. I finally just went to Tacoma Screw Products and found the exact type of rivet the original had and pounded the end to s
  7. Heck yeah, my Dad helped me out where I couldn't make it work. Definitely a two man job at times. After all, he did rip the cover the first time around.. I'm sure his buddy's Dad (Former owner of the Cot) would appreciate his token given the TLC it needed.
  8. Here is the Tag for dating reference. Nothing for the cot other than this original tag. Someone get a medic for the man on the one side, he's been stapled through the head.
  9. Hi All, I came upon this old cot when I was a kid, my father's friend's Father who served in the Korean War and sadly passed away left this behind and it was in pretty sad shape when I came back to it. I spent a long time restoring it, it was frustrating and not worth the money by any means, but I am now somewhat of an authority on how to do these being the only person I have found that has restored these from the ground up. Great learning experience nonetheless, I would definitely make a thread on how to do it if anyone is curious. So from what I could tell it was a WW2 era frame with the
  10. Well, I am even more amazed that it held up now. Thanks a lot, Hope I can get it to someone who will preserve it.
  11. Ebay: edwi_ratte I sell US and international surplus stuff sometimes.
  12. Hey guys, I also got this recently. Was very lucky to stumble upon the source, they're all dried up now unfortunately. Take a look! Thanks. NOT FOR SALE
  13. Hey guys, let me show you what I managed to score! I think for the price I was very lucky. Bag is a Large Sized M1949 Down Mountain bag dated 1967. Waterproof bag is also dated 1967 to go with it. A little rough but 1944 dated Sleeping bag cover was included. I intend to repair the cover, wash the sleeping bag, and fix the ends of the waterproof carrier for my personal use because they're fairly common. Thanks for looking.
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