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  1. Thanks! I was looking for late 60's - early 70's USAF. The average kit contents that would have been used during the Vietnam war.
  2. Does anyone have a list of contents or a photo of the hit-n-run survival kit that was included in the Matin-Baker H7 ejection seats used in the F4 Phantom? Thanks
  3. The sizes for women's Army and AF uniforms in the 60's and 70's are much different than todays. Does anyone have a chart that shows the 60's era to modern era conversion? Or even an idea? Also for women's uniforms what height brackets would the short and medium be in? Thanks
  4. I recently acquired a grouping from a USAF Colonel. It contained two dress uniforms and service caps, plus some smaller items. I was wondering what the consensus is on adding ribbons and medals to his uniform to complete the uniforms since did they not come with any. that leads me into my second question... I have a rough idea of what he was awarded, but all I have to go on is a fuzzy B&W photo. is there anyway I can request his awards from the DoD?
  5. All the originals I own have the leather tags sewn to the velcro. That's not saying they did not use adhesive.
  6. I worked with some AF guys in the 90's that had velcro nape badges on their BDUs. There were all ground crew (Commo and radar) Maybe they did this for use overseas so they can sterilize their uniforms easily if needed?
  7. Thanks. I'm still looking for a Med-Reg CSU-3/P to complete my Vietnam pilots mannequin. I didn't think a CSU-13 would be the correct timeframe.
  8. When was the CSU-12 and CSU-13 G-suits fielded? I hear it was early to mid 70's but that doesn't seem right to me. Also when did the CSU-3/P g-suit begin to be phased out and replaced by the 12/13 series during the Vietnam war? Thanks
  9. I opened the chute and sure enough it is a red deployment sleeve. The chute is a standard white/orange/OD military canopy on which someone sewed the initials "JD" on the canopy sections. Definitely a military surplus turned civilian chute. It's worth nothing to me in the condition it's in now, but the harness and canopy would make the base for a great restoration project if I can find a good pack assembly.
  10. Thanks for the info. Looks like a nice SAC badge. Did each command have their own badge? Would an air base in Vietnam use the standard USAF badge or would they make their own on site for security purposes?
  11. Does anyone have photos of a Vietnam era, 60's/early 70's USAF restricted area badge. They are someones called flightline badges. Trying to finish my pilot mannequin in my office. Thanks
  12. Ahhhhhh yes, that's it, a T-7 harness. The chute inside is actually not a deployment bag. I did a little more peeking inside last night and it looks to be a WWII era red cotton canopy like the kind use for aerial delivery containers. So far we have a WWII chute (maybe) connected to a T-7 harness. Any ideas on the pack? I picked it $125 only because I don't have a cute with a bang box, I had no idea it was a mix of parts. Thanks again.
  13. At first I thought that too since the British used the box release, but it's marked "MIL-R-5867 Type B-2 A ONEIDA" Which unless the British got some parts from the US would make this a US harness, in theory.
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