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  1. My dad was in Stalag IIIB too. His squad was captured on the beach head of Salerno, Italy in September '43. His log book is always interesting to look over, and I always find something new. He describes the brutal forced march from there to Luckenwald when the Russians got too close. Lots to tell. He was with the 2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion, 45th Division. They trained at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. I've read that over 12,000 men were either killed, captured or MIA during that landing. Seems odd that the invasion of Italy, or Africa for that matter, does not receive the attent
  2. The first picture in this thread is a photo of a group of men, one of whom is my dad, Clifford Shoemaker. He is kneeling, second from the right. I believe the others are all members of his squad. They were all captured at the same time during the invasion of Salerno, Italy in September 1943.
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