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  1. I finally found a pic of Teotimo Dingal and his wife... aka Tem and Lita.
  2. Per the obit you posted, he was loved very much by the Calpo family. My grandfather, Mauricio Calpo, served in the army in the Philippines before immigrating here to the U.S. and I was raised knowing Tem as my uncle. Tem and his wife are buried side by side with my grandparents. I'll do some digging for you on his history and look for pictures. I am happy to hear you have preserved his memory and uniform.
  3. I was so surprised to read this forum post. Teotimo Dingal was my uncle, we called him Uncle Tem. He was loved much by his family and everyone who knew him. Garandomatic- do you have pictures of his old uniform? I am sure it is a small size- he had a big heart but was very small in stature. I remember as a little girl I kept wanting to out grow him in height, which of course I did. I think I an only 5'4".
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