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  1. Japan Sword Company made Special Forces presentation knives during Vietnam. I don't know any other time periods. Dave
  2. Great pick up. Just the way you like to find stuff. Thanks for posting. Dave
  3. The show was filled with dealers, as usual. No restrictions in place. I thought the attendance was a little off. Not as many people thru the door as usual. Sunday was a little sparse, but Saturday was all right. Dave
  4. Will be leaving in a couple hours for the drive down to the show in Raleigh. Pulling out about 1:30 AM from North East Ohio. Raining like heck outside. Hope everyone arrives safe at the show. See you around noon for set up. Dave
  5. I talked with Richard and the show is a go. I think they have already had gun shows at the same venue. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show. Dave from NE Ohio.
  6. Really like the unopened bundle of ERDL trousers. Great post Bob. Dave
  7. Far as I know yes. I will be making the trip down to Raleigh from Ohio. Dave
  8. Put it back where you found it.
  9. Another disappointment. Was looking forward to doing the show. I guess the next show will be Raleigh Military at the end of the month. Dave
  10. Waiting for the show. I'll be making the drive from Youngstown over to Toledo. Can't wait. Dave
  11. Wow, nice grouping. Glad it stayed together. Dave
  12. I believe the cloth color roundels may be German made from the Occupation period. I have had them before. These were popular for a short time. Dave
  13. Andrew, what a great grouping!!! You are very blessed to have it. I really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming. Dave
  14. I second that. The venue kind of reminded me of the SOS with the size of the room. As a dealer, I was very comfortable with the conditions of the show. It was good to see everyone again at a show. It has been a long time. The OVMS staff did a great job of running the show. It went on without a hitch. Looking forward to November's show. Dave
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