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  1. 60th infantry regiment "Go Devils"
  2. I would just like to compliment B&B Militaria for their honest and fair transactions. I just completed my third transaction with Mike. All of them have been great experiences. His item pictures and descriptions are very accurate and precise. You will receive exactly the item that is shown on his website. When I ordered the item, each time I received a timely and precise email answer as to confirmation of the sale, the payment received, and when the item would be shipped along with the UPS tracking number. All items were shipped very quickly, and arrived in a timely manner. I would highly r
  3. Not going to be able to make it down from Ohio this time. For anyone who can attend, it is a great show. Quality items can be bought or sold. Don't miss it if you can. Dave
  4. Bob, I think it refers to "newspapers" or "press" so I think you are correct. Dave
  5. Auction is over. I bid on it, but it ended up going for $879. Thanks to everyone that replied to this topic. I value your thoughts and opinions as I am not really a patch collector. The information gained from this Forum is really outstanding. Thanks, again. Dave
  6. Thanks to all who replied. Very much appreciated. Dave
  7. Thanks so much for posting the picture. I am unable to do so. I really appreciate it. Dave
  8. Thanks, I looked at his other items. Has a lot of good stuff. Just not sure about this TD patch. Dave
  9. Not sure if it is proper to comment on a current auction on Ebay, but I would like to hear someone's thoughts on this patch. Pictures are poor and hard to see. I can't list pictures, but it is item #193759029768 by seller Soldierstrunk. I do not know the seller, or his listings. Thanks, Dave
  10. These are some great pieces. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  11. Had a great show. Selling was great Thursday night, and Friday. A little slow Saturday, sold only small stuff. Overall a good time. Thanks to Bill and the Staff for working so hard to put on a quality show. Looking forward to the June show and seeing everyone again. Dave
  12. Heading down for the show in the morning. Can't wait. It will be the largest show ever with over 400 tables. Set up tomorrow night. Show is Friday Nov. 6th and Saturday Nov 7th. Located at Robert's Center Mile marker 51 on I-71, halfway between Columbus and Cincinnati. Hope to see everyone there. Dave
  13. Set up today was great. Most dealers were there bright and early. Saw some good stuff. Bill Combs had some great bargains on tables piled high with uniforms, boots, etc. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. See everyone there. Dave
  14. I will be there for set up Saturday, and the show Sunday with 4 tables of CW thru WWII militaria. Dave
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