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  1. RC, Thank you for this information, it is very much appreciated. We do still have the certificate with the Pershing signature, so my guess is that he never submitted for the meritorious service purple heart (he was not wounded). Thanks again, D. McNeill
  2. Attached is a copy of my grandfathers service record card with the notation "Awarded M C C" at the bottom. His other records indicate he participated in the Cambrai campaign as part of the 11th Engineers. Can anyone help with what the MCC stands for. Greatly appreciated as I have search the internet for hours..... Thanks
  3. Can anyone help with the meaning of "Awarded MCC" on the service record card (please see attached). Does the CC stand for Combat Clasps? This is record is from my grandfather, a member of the 11th Engineers. Other records we have recognize his involvement in the Cambrai campaign early in the AEF actions. Thanks!
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