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  1. Got lucky on the app Mercari. Just checked eBay and I see they're going for around $60. If you shop around you'll find one cheaper.
  2. Cammenga makes them. Mine is marked MODEL 27 CAMMENGA and then NSN6605-01-571-6052
  3. Can't go wrong with a standard issued lensatic compass. They're pretty easy to find for sale. I just bought one online for $20.
  4. That's an impressive collection of fairly modern airborne and SOF. I like the beret flashes with the matching jump ovals. A lot of hours must've gone into that on both his and his wife's part.
  5. Federal Army Navy Surplus is the only store I know of in Seattle. Mostly newer stuff but they have some older items like WWII shovels and first aid pouches. Might be nice to just check it out but don't expect to find any deals there.
  6. The other week ago at an estate sale I met a 1st Cav Vet who said he knew someone who brought a grease gun home in his duffle.
  7. That's a great find. I see those all the time but most have repainted and are often missing the tray. Good to see one in original condition
  8. Those are awesome. Very interesting modification
  9. Inside has rusted pretty bad and there is very little of liner left. Missing both of the chinstrap bales too.
  10. Bought this helmet online at a fair price with the idea of restoring it. When I received it today I realized that there was the 5th Infantry Division insignia painted on the front. Now I think I'm gonna just try to strip the gold paint on the top and leave as much of the original paint on it as I can. I was thinking of using Goof Off as I've seen on other threads that if applied carefully it does a good job of removing top layers of paint while leaving the original base coat intact. Anyone else have any suggestions to remove the gold paint? Thanks Very happy with this helmet as my great-gr
  11. I’ve ordered from them twice with no problems. Although I received my orders the week after I purchased them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hello from another Washingtonian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Now that’s an interesting combination Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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