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  1. Hi, I finally got this M1 helmet. It was overpainted post war and the unit emblem was uncovered by the previous owner. So I also removed the rest of the paint as good as possible. Here are some quick shots. The liner is made by Westinghouse. It would be great to read some opinions as I don't have very much experience with the details of M1 helmets and especially with the liners. The heat stamp is not placed on the front but on the right side of the shell reading 365 B. Also there's a name inside the shell: "Paaby" Do you maybe have any information to this sol
  2. Quite a hard fight with the P41 suspenders and the backpack for the first time...
  3. Small update... I received some new items: USMC P41 HBT jacket USMC stamped M1 cartridges belt P41 Suspenders Best regards, Lukas
  4. Thank you for the response! Yes, this cover is from Lux-Militaria and I am really happy that I showed it to you before buying it. I will keep distance to such a questionable piece. Thanks, Lukas
  5. Thanks for the very fast reply Craig! I just added some pics of the beach side. Unfortunately I had to make the pics a lot smaller then the originals are. Best regards, Lukas
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