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  1. Since it is one of my favourite movies, my girlfriend bought me "The Thin Red Line" by James Jones a couple of months ago. I really recommend it to those who like the movie too, even though it's narrated in a different way. The book is based on the author's memoires (he was a WWII vet) but the story and the characters are fictional.
  2. Nice finds! During my internship at one of the competence centres of the Belgian army, I met a guy who had found a Colt M1911 in the Ardennes (Bastogne area). Interesting detail: it was loaded and ready to fire! I love the mystery behind such items, they always make me wonder what happened to the owner ...
  3. Wow, that CO bar is huge, great helmet, love it!
  4. You mention a bazooka, what happened to it? Nice looking helmet btw!
  5. Very interesting, especially since he mentions English and Canadian ones!
  6. Craig, why do you think it's more likely a poncho than a raincoat?
  7. I think I have found the same picture from a different angle. Even though the site (www.oldhickory30th.com, great site btw) says this picture was taken one day after the previous one, it ressembles the previous (first) picture a lot. Just look at the road, the ditch and the equipment ... http://www.oldhickory30th.com/Mar25PhotoPistol.jpg (new picture) compared to http://www.oldhickory30th.com/120th%203rd%...3%2025%2045.jpg (picture I mentioned in my first post)
  8. Thanks for the input. My objective is not to have a setup that is 100% identical to the picture, I simply use pictures as a reference for my displays to be realistic. It's interesting that these men still wore the M41, while in a lot of pictures of the 30th ID taken after the liberation of Belgium and the Netherlands most of the men can be seen wearing the M43. Maybe this unit had not received them or they had been with the division for a long time and didn't care about it? The poncho would be an interesting detail for my setup, I will look into that. Gilles
  9. You're right about the colour difference. Good example is the second picture I included
  10. Ah ok, I was thinking the same thing. The jacket isn't really recognizable in this picture but since it was taken in March 1945 and I already have an M41 in my collection, I prefer the M43 (I try to have a diversified collection). But is it realistic to have the wool pants and the M43 combined? By the way, why did a lot of soldiers wear the blanket with them on their back? Wasn't it easier to just use a musette or other bag?
  11. Hi guys I'm trying to set up a new mannequin based on the following picture, taken in Germany on March 24, 1945: http://www.oldhickory30th.com/120th%203rd%...3%2025%2045.jpg I'd like to portray the man on the right as being an automatic rifleman (BAR gunner) during the allied invasion of Germany. By then, most of the 30th Infantry Division men wore the M43. I already have the buckle boots and I'm planning to buy a flex bail M1 helmet. However, what type of trousers is he wearing? The regular wool trousers or the M43? What's the most plausible choice? The next picture might al
  12. Here's a picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fourrag%C3%A8re_LH.png Does any of the EM uniforms have this type of fourragere? Or only the simplified versions (simple knot)?
  13. Jon, you have a superb collection! One question though: I have noticed that a large number of Ike uniforms have some sort of fourragere. Does one of the EM Ike uniforms have the traditional fourragere (with "lily knot")? Any 30th Infantry Division or 113th Cavalry Group items? Gilles
  14. Hello Pieter, I like it! I actually have a 2nd LT M1 helmet just like that one in my own collection. Gilles
  15. I didn't bid on it, I tried to go much lower than his original price but he didn't want to ... Save my money for something like this for instance? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180313427991 Or is that too much too?
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