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  1. Very serious about getting sweetheart Grips though. If you could put me in touch with whoever produced these grips it would be much appreciated.
  2. I definitely agree, but is that the actual reason?? ?
  3. I've been looking for a place that makes the Smith Wesson N Frame Plexi Grips so I can make my own Sweetheart Grips. Any idea who made them? Also, do you recall why they went with a Smith & Wesson instead of the Colt? Sorry about the double post I'll delete the first one once I figure it out
  4. Thanks for the refrence! However all their belts are for Rifle rounds. I have asked them if they may have a lead for me as well
  5. Been searching allover for A reproduction of the 1894 style officers pistol cartridge belt (generally in Blue with saber and holster brass clips) in .38 Colt (or the rarer .45) I have had no such luck over the last few years and am curious if anyone here might know what direction to point me in? Alternatively, I'd be willing to try my own hand at making my own, But I have no clue as to how to acquire/produce the shape of the belt. any pre-made webbing I find is flat where the Mills belts are thick with protruding rounded edges. any help on finding any sort of pattern or instructions on making
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