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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know what the markings on this T-Shovel Cover mean? It has "A-255-A" stenciled on it and is on both sides of the cover, the cover itself was manufactured by W.B Farrell Assoc Inc in 1942. Thank you in advance. Ben
  2. Thats a very nice vest! Congratulations! Do you know if there is an exact designation for this vest? I have been looking to buy one for ages but I just don't know what to type in when looking for one. Just typing '160th SOAR body armour' usually only comes up with more recent models, rather than the early 1990s version. Kind regards Nils (tanker2nd)
  3. Thank you very much! I must have missed that post out somehow! Kind regards Nils
  4. Hello, Below I uploaded a picture which I found on google. It was taken in the Mogadishu exhibit at Fort Bragg's Airborne & Special Operations Museum. The mannequin on the far left portrays CWO Michael J. Durant, member of the 160th SOAR. When you click on the picture, it will give you the option to zoom in. Does anyone know what type of vest he wearing? I have been looking for ages but could not find anything at all, except for this picture. Any help would be very muchly appreciated! Kind regards Nils (tanker2nd)
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