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  1. I believe Roland said in one of his blogs that the smaller ones had 8 and the larger sizes have 9. My memory might be failing me though...
  2. Wow it’s super visually appealing!! Great job!
  3. Awesome progress!! Make sure to keep the thread updated. On a side note, did you ever find a good radiator shop? I’m restoring a 42 GPW and am having trouble finding somewhere to get it looked at.
  4. Hi all, I am currently looking for a new read and the CBI has always interested me. Are there any particularly good reads for someone who doesn't particularly know a lot about it? Thanks!
  5. And I forgot to add, Roy that looks like a beauty! Any chance we could trade spots? Also the jeep is an August baby. GPW 57***
  6. Hello all! I know it's been a while since I updated this post but if we're honest its been a slow process. Ive managed to blast and repaint the frame. I had to replace a horn, the a frame, and the gussets (who hasn't had to replace gussets) and welding isnt my forte but it is what it is. The springs were a simple blast and paint (with anti rust primer), but the axles may have just been the biggest pain in the rear. Every time we made a trip to get a part, we'd come home to find another magically broken. But hey it's on wheels so now it looks like SOMETHING. If there is still
  7. Company K, 179th Inf Reg, 45th Division is currently looking to help the next generation of living historians start their reenacting career or help it grow! We are a living history group spanning eastern and central PA, NJ, MD, and DE. We are associated with the Boy Scouts of America as Venturing Crew 1941. Adult leaders are BSA certified and our unit has a focus on safety as well as tactical fun and inclusiveness. All soldiers age 13-18 as well as older living historians interested in helping our mission are invited to join us at an event to see what we are all about. If you do no
  8. Awesome looking jacket!! I love the crisp sergeant stripes!
  9. Hi all, I am currently doing some research into WWII era army cold weather tactics, camo, medicine etc. Does anyone have the numbers or names of specific TM or FMs covering these topics? Thanks in advance for your help! Willys43
  10. Johan, it definitely will be!! I'll be sure to post some progress pictures! Also, it seems like I screwed up the title and left out 1942 GPW. Is there any way to fix this, I can't seem to figure out how!
  11. I've finally made the jump into the money pit that is called the jeep! I recently bought this beauty of a 1942 GPW. It's definitely a ground up restoration. The jeep was bought in the late 40s by a farmer who used it as a snow plow vehicle, but it was barn kept so the frame and such don't seem so bad. The goal for this jeep is a nice solid Motorpool restoration. I want the jeep to have some of the character she's accumulated over the past 74 years!
  12. Those are really interesting! Quite a necessary but unknown item!
  13. Wow thats a great set! Those bars really are beautiful. Take good care of her!
  14. Wow awesome unit with an amazing history! What a story, that truly is a great save
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