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  1. I’ll take the flare gun. It’s late here in AZ. Talk to you tomorrow. 

  2. Really impossible to even put a price on depends on home many people with "unlimited funds" are gunning for it! Since it would be the only one on the private market I think that the sky is the limit! That one is garbage though!
  3. That this does not even look remotely like a 250 wish year old item in any way shape or form! I would be hard pressed to say it is 100 years old let alone closer to 250! 100% fake. If this had any value or was remotely real one of the big fish auction houses would have been all over it in seconds! I can't imagine the price an actual real one would bring on the market the sky is the limit!
  4. Most likely fell of a reenactors coat back in the 70s or sooner at other mention! The Philadelphia area would have been a hot spot for that kind of thing at the time! Still cool but as other said defiantly not a period button!
  5. One has to wonder where it is at this point if it still exists! That you could he certainly was a very active man during his career and life time. Interesting it sounds much of his popularity did not occur until after his death! His bronze studio ended up being some what a financial failure from what I gathered. Thus is the case with many men though, appreciation sadly comes after their death. It is very interesting to find medals to people that had significant lives out side of the military. I think as military collectors we sometimes forget that for most of these men the military was only a
  6. It is always neat to find these little things! It defiantly adds a decent amount of desirability to the piece because it could appeal to a number of different collecting fields! Once I get a display going I will have to work on getting some images up here! I also thought he was rather old to be serving in Sea Service on an LST in combat. Especially due to the value of him as a maker of recruitment posters, aircraft skin designs and medal designs. It would seem strange that a man with a clear artistic and valuable set of skills was put out in the position he was in especially at an advanced age
  7. Wow that is even cooler very neat medal! Guess I really fell into it with this one! I can only wonder where his Purple Heart and other medals went to!
  8. I think I got an absolute steal now to be honest with you this is a very very rare example! His wikipedia page is pretty load with stuff! I have a collect of his "bronzes" maybe 10-20 pieces all out of one estate. When I found out the story of him being a KIA I had kept the bronzes and put them all in storage just as a nice future display item/ collection for my house, now that I have the medal I will display that with them! I will defiantly add images once I get them all unpacked and put up at some point to this thread or maybe I will make a new one! I have sold maybe 15-20 of these CSCs over
  9. That is absolutely insane, you posted that just as I posted thats who I thought it might be! He was a fairly renowned Artist in his day and also designed aircraft camouflage and a number of other things! I own pieces of his art also, I am absolutely stunned that I stumbled onto his medal into an antique shop that is just amazing!
  10. Thats very interesting the only man I can find with the name was McCelland Barclay, he was an artist and very interesting man I own a statue made by him and he was living in the NY area at the time. He was killed when LST-342 was torpedoed in the Solomon Islands. Is it possible this was awarded to his family ?
  11. Hello all I recently stumbled upon a WW2 era NY CSC in an antique shop! I can't seem to find the rolls online anymore! Does anyone have access and can help me ID the medal! It is the A.E Co Sterling slot brooch contract medal. It is number 9376. If you can tell me who the recipient is on the rolls that would be of immense help! Even though it was pricey I was glad to save it from the local shop! Maybe its a local guy! Thanks in advance
  12. Any update on the thread ? Assuming you got the piece did you find any other documents or bring backs ?
  13. Survival is right! A lot of states charge also on the shipping charges! Stupid if you ask me but it was a greedy cash grab anyway by the states! Most likely you aren't account for that!
  14. My overall question, is why would you own 4 lefts but no right is their an application for this. Did left handed people use 2x left spurs or something like its just odd I figured someone might have so idea of why this is. Go look at another pair of spurs and you will see what I mean.
  15. No that is simply not an option than they are facing the wrong way. I believe the buckle is not supposed to be on the side of the horse because it rough and rubs against the horse. Look up pictures of these spurs or any spurs there are very clearly a right and a left. Just like you can put a right shoe on your left foot you can do it with spurs either. Their also is a clear top and bottom.
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