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  1. Any update on the thread ? Assuming you got the piece did you find any other documents or bring backs ?
  2. Survival is right! A lot of states charge also on the shipping charges! Stupid if you ask me but it was a greedy cash grab anyway by the states! Most likely you aren't account for that!
  3. My overall question, is why would you own 4 lefts but no right is their an application for this. Did left handed people use 2x left spurs or something like its just odd I figured someone might have so idea of why this is. Go look at another pair of spurs and you will see what I mean.
  4. No that is simply not an option than they are facing the wrong way. I believe the buckle is not supposed to be on the side of the horse because it rough and rubs against the horse. Look up pictures of these spurs or any spurs there are very clearly a right and a left. Just like you can put a right shoe on your left foot you can do it with spurs either. Their also is a clear top and bottom.
  5. Hello all I haven't posted in a while I have just insanely busy with different things in life! I recently picked these up assuming they were 2x pairs at least thats what they were advertised as. I got them and quickly realized that they were actually I would assume all left spurs. Why would you have all left spurs ? Was their a reason to do this ? I dont want to contact the seller unless I know what I am talking about. I did some minor research and they seem to come in normal pairs while these are all left side spurs. I guess my question is did people use all left spurs sometimes or was their
  6. Its hard to say the group looks right but at the same time its getting really tough to tell anymore! Either way you add up the sum of the parts and you have a lot of money there as others have said!
  7. Great thread with some interesting stuff! My biggest curiosity is how you convinced them to let you mail a complete marble column back? Thats a seriously massive thing to bring back!
  8. For civilian pieces that style of pin and construction was used for an extremely long period of time. The civilian market used thing much later than the military market thus the 1920 ish ending date. Jewelers and people who made these simply used what they had or what they knew about at the time. Very hard to pin down the exact period!
  9. Going to be a tough one to pin down. There are hundreds if not at one time thousands of fire department that would have been PFD at the time of production. This piece would date really anytime from the 1860s-1920s, this style of pin was used for a long time and were generally custom made for a member of the FD. Cool pin. Only way to pin it down would be an advanced collector who had it attributed similar to some militria pieces.
  10. I believe it is national guard, which state though im drawing a blank hopefully someone knows!
  11. This has been extremely common lately I am not surprised. I keep seeing things I know I owned on uniforms, in grouping etc. It is becoming much more common. Any grouping is suspect at this point unless there is other info or you know the origins! I sold some coast guard medals and they popped up on a (named) uniform for over $200 dollars 2 weeks later. It is becoming much more common to raise the value of cheaper items. It's a real shame!
  12. Many thanks again my friend! Any other info with him and would the H be for H Company or headquarters? Any idea how to research him?
  13. Some of the insignia look very new on this piece! Can you post a close up of the rank insignia and the other key spots, I tried to enlarge the photos but the are too blurry to make a call either way!
  14. Stumbled upon this thread while researching a medal! Curious if you ever got the well deserved benefits or if it hit a dead end! I see you have haven't been active since October but I just read the whole thread and found the story very interesting! Hopefully you can update us on what happened?
  15. Hello, if someone has the federal Army Mexican Service numbers list can you please look up No. 1600 if it is searchable.It is not a MNo. example it just say No 1600. Planchet only as found by a coin dealer who I bought it from! Thanks a ton in advance!
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