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  1. Hello Last week i got a little collection of cleaning rods, I want to fill a empty ww2 .30 and .50 cleaning rod pouch. How can I ID a genuine ww2 .30 or .50 Cleaning rod? Thanks for any help
  2. Found this one, there is an SHD marking on it and is marked with 348 HQ 27 There is alsothe name BLAIR scratched in it very thin.
  3. Thank you, for the information, very interesting. For me the gear with any unit marking is just so much more special.
  4. Last (for now) is an French made 1918 iron meatcan with an aluminium top (they came together this way) A.C. 368 29. Thank you all in advance for any information you can provide me. I have some other items that I must find in some boxes. I will post them if there are any unit markings on them.
  5. Then I have a canteen and cup both undated and without factory marking: Cup G 145 INF I asume this means 145 Infantaery regiment G company The canteen is marked with: M.G. CO. 4 PA. 21
  6. Hello Just got some time to work at my US ww1 display, I've picked some gear in the last couple of years on French flea markets and european militaria markets and now I liked to give them a nice place in my collection. I have some questions about the unit markings on them. First is a 1917 dated Meat can with the following markings: HLP B 67 CO XXX SG (the XXX where used to cross some older marking)
  7. Hello I got this piece last week in a box full of ww2 US equipment, but can not find it on the internet. Does someone recognize and ID it for me? Manny thanks.
  8. Hello Yes I know the m1917 scabbard I have one on mij m1917 bayonet. Thank you for your information. Now I have to look for a proper scabbard :-). Kind regards
  9. Hello I have purchased this nice 1918 marked P17 bayonet with this scabbard, did the US troops in World War 1 used this British style scabbard to? Kind regards
  10. Hello This drum was found a couple of years ago on a former ww1 battle field in France, the demensions are roughly the same as the ww2 DR-4 drum but is not the same in construction and is heavy galvanised so the condition is very nice. There are no markings on it. I couldn't find any information on the internet of these style drums in ww1. I hope someone here knows the type. And maybe have some pictures where it was used in ww1.
  11. Thank you very much for the identification. Was this the general aviation helmet in this era or were they used within specific airplanes?
  12. Hello My nephew found this helmet, and now he is curious what it is. So if somebody recognize this type of helmet we would be very helped out. Thanks in advance
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