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    Primary US Army patches. Secondary pretty much all other insignia, sweetheart /homefront items, psyop leaflets, OIF _ OEF patches, German Medal groupings, ROK patches. ETC Lots to trade..
  1. It is likely a tab worn below a TCQC type patch. what unit I dont know
  2. I have almost a complete set of these. I can post the rest if interested but they don't change much except the SSI. here are 49 total in the set. The 48 states at the time and the District of Columbia which is the only one that does not have a Service Command SSI. I am missing the following 5th Service Command Kentucky West Virginia 8th Service Command Arkansas Louisiana New Mexico Oklahoma
  3. Here are a couple for UTAH and WN (Washington) with the 9th service command to give you an idea of what it looks like
  4. Pittsburgh Military Academy a Private Military Academy
  5. nice Additions reminded me of one more, A USMC patch from OIF
  6. here are a few patches I have picked up over the years
  7. The patch with U.S. Army above the Liberty Bell was AUTHORIZED 7 /60 -3 /65 The patch without U.S. Army above was AUTHORIZED 3/65 - 1/67 The tabs normally seen with the patch without the US ARMY above were Authorized 7/60- 3/65 which is odd since those dates correspond with the larger patch with US Army above. Source: Authorized Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the US Army, Chris Aleck 2019 ;; I'm sure there was over lap
  8. There is lots of info to include official history of this organization online. The LOGO on this and many other documents they published is the only thing I found with a quick Google search
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