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  1. It all depends on your interests and what YOU want to do with your collection. Just like weapons (old jeeps too), all of these things are only original once. You have probably read the discussions on Garands - do you want to restore a mix-master to all original parts (it still won't be "original") as a show piece, or do you want a reliable functioning rifle you can take to the range and enjoy shooting and/or sharing with others to tell the history? The helmet shown as my avatar is a WW2 front seam swivel bail shell that was a real train wreck of repaints, past paint removal atte
  2. I was in '79-'83 and no one carried cleaning gear in the butt stock. It seems that it did not all fit in there very well, so you ended up stashing some of it in your pack anyway. Plus, it would rattle around in the butt stock if you didn't pack it in tight, which was not desirable while patrolling or otherwise trying to remain quiet. I used to keep sets of ear plugs in there, but that was about it.
  3. Thanks Owen. Yes, I understand it isn't in the best shape and was actually very surprised that it brought the high bids that it did. At the same time, it was a real kick to the crotch that the high bidder (both times) would choose to not pay, rather than just stay out of the auction. I was just curious if anyone else on the forum has had similar experiences.
  4. Sure - $360 the first time, and $395 the second time.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions OD70. I am just really curious if someone/something is trying to corner a market on WW2 Marine camo, or spoil the market. If you search fleebay for "WW2 USMC camouflage", most of the products that come up are repros from China, plus a few 'Buy It Now' pieces.
  6. I have listed a WW2 USMC P44 jacket on ebay twice over the last couple months, and both times it has sold but the buyer never pays or communicates. The high bid and second high bid make their first bid in the last seconds, but payment never follows. The first time, the bidder names were the same pattern - two random letters followed by six random numbers (bots?). I have ended up canceling the transactions each time. Anyone else experienced this? What the heck is going on? I have listed other various items which have sold, and the transactions have been completely normal. Thanks,
  7. Welcome to the Forum! I am out in Bernalillo. Semper Fi!
  8. And it has probably been in the sellers collection for the requisite "30+ years...."
  9. Wow - very nice! "Hey diddle diddle, far post in the middle."
  10. That thing deserves to have a brand new mancave built around it!!!!
  11. Haha! Never picked up on that. I always wondered - why does the Duke carry his M-16 upside down in that movie?
  12. Very nice! Yep, something about these knives and sheaths really appeals to me also! Be careful or you will soon end up with several - haha.
  13. When you are at a show or fleamarket, how do you know you've spotted one you don't already have....
  14. Just a picture off the interweb, but my wife and her sewing/quilting and knitting friends always get a kick out of it:
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