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    Everything from the Vietnam Era - Early 90´s
  1. Is anyone here willing to sell me a set of those Vietnamese made beercan collar ranks?
  2. Wow that stuff is way cool i heard a lot of stories about the rocket club that stein and pocket knife is really awesome
  3. I finally found a geniune full color 1 Comm Patch Now i just have to get my hands on a blue ballcap that looks right and im set.
  4. Thanks a lot thats what it is Hi Al, thats awesome, i knew the whole compound used to be wehrmacht and ss area before. I usually do Vietnam Living History and Reforger but always wanted to portray at least one unit that served in my town and since lindsey is right around the corner i choose the guys from the 1st Mob. I would be really thankfull for any pictures and further details
  5. Thats awesome, did you guys just get some random blue baseball caps back then or was it a specific brand? I got most of my informations from the 1st Mob page they have all those awesome pictures from lindsey air station.+ By the way i was lucky, i found a guy in germany who mailed me and told me he had these for sale
  6. Its a shame... thats what probably happened to most of the patches and the ball caps. If i would know the dimensions of this patch i would get some cut edge repros made but well i can only guess....
  7. Gude Lars thanks for welcoming me, im glad at least someone knows what im talking about. Those patches are absolutelty rare, my guess was nobody collects them or threw them away since everybody thinks its something civilian and uninteresting... Yes that patch is related to the 1st Comm i have to look it up though. I have seen the ones saying CISG before.
  8. Hi everbody, Ive been trying to find patches of the 1st Combat Communications Group that was stationed at Lindsey Air Station in Wiesbaden, Germany during the late 70´s and 80´s. I live in Wiesbaden right around the corner of the former Lindsey Air Station. My dad was stationed here during the 80´s and i was always fascinated by the soldiers, trucks and all the armed forces stuff going on here. Now i am trying to set up an 1st Comm impression for public displays and try to find all the patches i need. I have a folder full of pictures from the 70s till 1993 when they shut down lindsey a
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