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  1. Justin- Im no expert, but I looked under the lapels, and I cant find any indication that the coat was converted from a stand up collar. I have compared the coat pictured above with an actual issued M1926 khaki service coat with Quartermaster Depot label, and they appear almost identical, except for the coat pictured above has some minor differences in its construction, and it's workmanship is not of the same quality as the government issued example. Therefore, my suspicion the one in the picture was locally made in Panama. What seems odd to me is that a private would have a locally made tailored uniform. I thought that was for officers mostly, --especially in the 1930s. Does anyone have any information on the proper headgear for this uniform? Campaign hat or Khaki enlisted visor cap? Thanks again for the replys.
  2. Check out this Panama Canal Zone khaki service coat. It came with a Christmas Eve dinner menu from Fort Sherman Panama Canal Zone, dated 1934. Based on the workmanship and details of its construction --most noticeably being the seam across the waist between the upper and lower pockets, I believe the coat was tailored locally in Panama. There is no quartermaster label or any other markings on the coat. According to the unit roster at the back of the menu booklet, the owner of this uniform was a member of the band. Any additional info is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  3. That is cool. I remeber seeing lots of MP and CID badges for sale in the vendors stalls in Itaewon outside Yongsan USAG when I was there 1996-1997. Dont ever remember seeing Army Military Intelligence badge, though. Occasionally on gate guard duty, I would have soldiers in civilian clothes present MI badge and credentials as ID.
  4. I recently acquired a New York Guard Military Police badge. It appears to be issued by the state guard and not the Regular Army or National Guard. I know the New York State Guard is still in existence, but I dont believe it has any active military police units. Any thoughts as to when this badge would have been issued?
  5. Some cool pictures of Army MP's in West Berlin in the 1980s. The much maligned green Class B uniform is actually pretty sharp looking as worn by these MPs. Does anyone regognize the badge worn in the group photo? Cant see much detail, but it does not appear to be the standard Army MP badge...
  6. Can anyone offer some explanation for what occasions the now discontinued Army white ASU was used for? The only time I ever recall seeing it worn was when GEN Schwarzkopf addressed a West Point graduation after Desert Storm. A super-sharp looking uniform. I'm sad to see it is no longer authorized for wear. Was it ever authorized for enlisted personnel, or just officers?
  7. 58th MP Company out of Schofield Barracks Hawaii has picures on unit facebook page of MPs in new blue/ white Class B uniform checking IDs on post while wearing old style shiny MP helmet with unit insignia. It is unclear whether the old MP helmets are being brought back for good, or whether this was just for a historical commemoration. As cool as it is to bring back the old MP helmets, they look really weird with the blue and white Class Bs
  8. Is the changing of the guard performed at all hours of the day, even in the middle of the night? How about in the depths of winter? I know they would never allow it, but how awesome would it be to watch a changing of the guard in the dark and snowy silence of midnight in December?
  9. A recent find: Pre WW2 khaki service coat and breeches. Label in the coat is dated July 1931. I am unsure what the number stamped in black ink inside the coat and breeches represents. Reminicient of the pre WW2 US Army presence in Hawaii, Panama Canal Zone, and Philippene Islands.
  10. No, no insignia of any kind. Based on the straight pocket flaps, and unpleated breast pockets, I am assuming it is an enlisted man's uniform. Interestingly, it came with 4 US Coast Guard buttons, but I think these were added on later and are not original to the uniform, as it is identical to another US Army M1926 khaki service coat I have, except in that one has holes in the lapels for collar disks
  11. I picked up a cotton khaki Army M 1926 service coat, and want to put on a set of collar discs. The proper period correct collar disks for this uniform should be, as I understand, the screw-post type. The uniform does not have any holes in the lapels where screw-post type collar disks could be mounted. Would holes for attaching screw-post collar disks be cut after the uniform was issued, and maybe the uniform I have is in unissued condition? Am I wrong about the correct type of collar disks for this uniform? Thanks
  12. Hey thanks for the responses and solving my "mystery uniform" question. This forum is a true wealth of information!
  13. Im trying to identify a uniform I bought for $30 at a gun show. Seller had no information about it other than it came from an estate sale. The uniform looks like an 1912 pattern cotton khaki summer tunic and breeches, however, the buttons do not appear to be military, and have "BCS" (I think) on them. Also, I have no idea what the blue "E" patch on the left sleeve is. Is this possibly a uniform from a military school, or maybe ROTC? Thanks for looking
  14. I was the winning bidder on the Ebay auction linked below for a pre-WW2 khaki tunic http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-COAST-GUARD-WW2-USCG-OFFICERS-SERVICE-COAT-KHAKI-COTTON-/311440146034?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=9eeXmbdRr%252FW42Sp3ijUZJYZrw6Q%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc The tunic is listed, obviously, as U.S. Coast Guard. Although the pictures show early split-ring detachable USCG buttons, the tunic itself looks very much like an Army M1926 khaki coat. Specifically with respect to the shoulder epaulettes and the belt hooks with the cloth loop and button attachments. I have researched pictures of USCG khaki uniforms from the WWII era, and none of the ones Ive been able to find show epaulettes on the coat. Furthermore, it looks like USCG shore duty khaki coats do not have flaps over the 2 lower pockets of the tunic. Anyone have any thoughts about this? I am guessing that maybe someone just put USCG buttons on an Army tunic?
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