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  1. Hey that is a great looking badge. The patina, style, and pin all look legit for the 40s or 50s. I collect civilian police badges aside from militaria, and I'm not expert in MP badges, but I do know that there are a lot of MP badges circulating around from before the standard US Army MP badge was adopted in the 1970s. Seems like a largely overlooked area in the collecting field. Only thing is, I almost never see period pictures of these badges actually being worn on uniforms. Anyone have anything to add on this?
  2. Incredibly well preserved uniform and insignia. The uniform, the period photographs, and the personal history make for an incredible, tangible piece of history, a history which is slipping farther and farther into the distant past with each passing day...Thanks so much for sharing your grandfather's fascinating service history and his uniform his family has kept so well preserved for so many years.
  3. Given the popular conception that being drafted during Vietnam was a guaranteed ticket to the combat zone, Ive always found it amazing how many of the people I know who served in the Army or USMC during the Vietnam War never actually went to Vietnam. Its easy to forget how large a US military presence in West Germany and Korea was maintained during the late 60s and early 70s aside from the forces fighting in Vietnam. For guys drafted during Vietnam, what really were the odds they would be sent to Vietnam as opposed to remaining stateside, or sent to Germany or Korea?
  4. That shirt has been preserved in incredible condtion. Love seeing "Banana Wars" era stuff. Seeing original period uniforms from this era always makes me wonder how could Marines have been able to stand wearing heavy wool shirts in the humid tropical heat in Latin America?
  5. Quick observations: The Signal Corps collar device looks like it's on sideways, and the Army MUC looks like it is upside down if you look closely at the oak leaf clusters. Maybe the original owner had the insignia siting in a box for the past 40 plus years, and decided to put them back on the uniform prior to the sale? Still very nice set of class A's. Don't see too many Vietnam Signal Corps uniforms. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Im looking for a correct pair of pre-WW2 gilt officer's U.S. collar devices with pinback attachment. Is there a difference in the size of this insignia for shirt collar vs tunic lapels? Thanks very much.
  7. Great to see someone preserving an original artiifact from one of the greatest movies ever. Nothing can beat Richard Crenna fighting in dress whites with a sword in one hand and a .45 in the other.
  8. I recently bought a pre-WW2 US Army M1926 pattern officer's tunic. It has all the insignia removed, and I'd like to add period correct rank, US collar devices, and branch insignia. From what I gather from some preliminary internet research, the collar devices should have screw post with clutch attachments, while the rank should be pinback attachment. Can the collar insignia be pinback as well? Since the screw post insignia look like they would make pretty big holes in the uniform, I would like to use pinback insignia if they would be period correct. Thanks for any advice
  9. Great info. Thanks. Seems unbelievable that a coat with s shirt and necktie would be a combat uniform, but British officers wore just such a uniform in WWI
  10. Does anyone have any information about whether the M1926 pattern uniforms, both the wool and the cotton khaki, intended to be used as combat uniforms like the WWI tunics? Or were they intended to be used as more of a dress uniform? Some pictures show these uniforms worn with leggings, cartridge belts, and campaign hats, while other pictures show the uniforms being worn with white shirt and necktie and visor cap. Thanks for any responses.
  11. Even without the incredible history associated with the uniform, the detail and quality of the embroidery is amazing. Looking forward to pics of the white and the khaki uniforms if you could post them.
  12. Yeah, I've got the US Forces in China volume. I like how it uses images from The Sand Pebbles to represent US Navy Yangpat uniforms of the era --a testament to how good the costume director's work was for that movie! I guess I'll have to keep waiting for a US Forces in the Caribbean and Latin America, 1914-1939 volume to come out.....
  13. Thanks all, --some really sweet Banana Wars stuff. Thanks so much for posting. I've seen pictures of USN landing parties in Vera Cruz 1914 who had stained their whites a sort of field brown with coffee for the landings. Looks weird, but an interesting adaptation. Wish Osprey would do a volume on US forces in the Banana Wars.....
  14. Thanks for the reply and the link. I think I didn't word my original post very clearly, however, because what I am actually looking for people to post are actual uniforms from their collections, not pictures from the period (although those are pretty cool too).
  15. Anyone have any original period uniforms from the Banana Wars campaigns in the Caribbean and Latin America in the nineteen-teens, twenties, and thirties? If so, please share some pics!
  16. Love the Army dress whites --what a great example you have there. Thanks for posting.
  17. This was given to me by a family member cleaning out their basement. As you can see, someone removed the original nametape, and wrote in their own last name in black marker (not the original owner). Otherwise, the jacket is interesting because the US Air Force tape, sleeve rank, and unit patch all appear to be crudely embroidered, and possibly locally made. The unit patch appears to be from a unit stationed in Thailand during the 60s and 70s. The jacket is in very good, almost like new, condition, and not faded like most OD uniforms used in tropical environments. I have seen plenty of long sleeve "Vietnam style" OD jungle fatigues, but never a short sleeve version. Does this coat have any collector value, given that some one has handwritten a name where the original nametape once was? Or should I just enjoy this as a nice lightweight jacket with ample pocket room good for yard work I the hot humid months of the year? Thanks for looking.
  18. Came across this picture from pre-WW2 Hawaii. Can anyone identify the insignia/emblem near the cuff of the right sleeve of the soldier in the M1926 khaki service coat?
  19. "They will live a long time, these men of the South Pacific. They had an American quality. They, like their victories, will be remembered as long as our generation lives. After that, like the men of the Confederacy, they will become strangers. Longer and longer shadows will obscure them, until their Guadalcanal sounds distant on the ear like Shiloh and Valley Forge." - James Michener, "Tales of the South Pacific," 1946
  20. Would you recommend punching holes in the plastic bags to combat moisture build-up? Or should I just to leave them as is? Thanks for your advice.
  21. I have a number of metal insigina and badges in my collection, and Im looking for a good way to put them away for storage. So far, what Ive come up with is to put each of them in a 3X3 plastic baggie with a ziplokck type seal, which I bought at Hobby Lobby. Is this a good way to store meatal badges and insignia? Any advice or input is appreciated.
  22. I am looking for opinions on the US Army Officers khaki service coat I just bought. It has a label from a Tailor in Manila, PI, and it appears to predate WWII. My impression is that the ribbons and DUIs are not original and were added later. I cannot find any info that the 51st Infantry was ever in PI prior to WW2, and the presence of the American Defense medal ribbon seems anachronistic considering U.S. forces in the PI had been overrun or had surrendered by the time this award was issued in 1942. One possible explanation might be that an officer had the uniform tailored in PI prior to WW2, and then transferred stateside and kept wearing it at his next duty station? Anyways, the coat is made of a stiffly starched cotton khaki material, and there are distinctive loops at the waist with button fixtures to keep a Sam Browne belt in place. Although it has stains (reddish- brown, blood maybe?), there are no tears or fraying, and it actually fits (roughly 38R)! Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  23. Thanks for the replies. The soldiers in the photo are most definitely US Army Berlin in the 1980s. Although you can't see much detail, the badges worn on the soldiers' left side are definitely NOT the standard Army MP badge, which has a very distinctive and unique shape. I'm interested in knowing if US Army MPs stationed in Berlin in the 1980s had special badges?
  24. Can anyone identify the badges being worn by these soldiers? It doesn't seem to be the same shape as the standard Army MP badge. Sorry I cant get a better close up of the picture.
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