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  1. Are numbered US Army Philippine Insurrection medals traceable to their original recipients? (Specifically medal #26510). If so, what sources of information should be consulted to obtain this information? Thanks
  2. A close look at the stars on the reverse towards the bottom appears to me they are not symmetrical, or are my aging eyes deceiving me?
  3. Anyone see the above referenced CRE medal listed on EBay? At first glance, I thought maybe a Studley restrike; but on closer inspection, the lettering on the obverse and the stars on the reverse look uneven and crude. Looks like a forgery to me. Any other opinions?
  4. Finally I have been able to find a PI Insurrection medal at a price I can hack. The medal is numbered around the edge can it ba traced back to the original recipient? If so, where should I look? Thanks. The number is 26510
  5. What would be the circumstances in which a US Servicemember would receive a Vietnamese manufactured copy of a US medal?
  6. 287th MP Company, West Berlin, 1980s (photograph is from a training exercise)
  7. US Army Military Police "Town Patrol" Itaewon District, Seoul, South Korea, early 2000s. Any self-respecting MP at that time left the ratty, unit -issued MP brassard with the dirty and frayed unit patch back in their wall locker in their barracks room, and went to get one of the custom patent leather ones made, with the squared away clear plastic covering over the unit patch. Still have mine.
  8. They are both hallmarked Meyer, but one is more of a gold/bronze color, and the other is silver in color. Also, the shape of the 2-piece construction is slightly different:
  9. Any thoughts about the mismatched DUIs? Is this confirmation they were added later --or is it possible that an EM would have worn them if that's what was available?
  10. Proudly added this one to my collection this weekend. The 31st Infantry DUIs are both hallmarked Meyer, and are mismatched, so I cannot say if they are original or not. Philippine Department SSI appears handmade. No labels or markings to ID manufacturer, but uniform appears to be made in the PI based on the straps with buttons at the waist to keep up the belt, which from what I have read on these forums is indicative of uniforms made in the PI during that period.
  11. The census records show his civilian occupation as Chauffeur, which would make sense for the army Driver qualification badge on the coat...
  12. I don't have a picture of it, as it is not in my possession, but the medal is a modern restrike of the Army China Relief Expedition Medal w/ crimp broach. It looks much nicer than most of the more recent Lordship Industries or Graco restrikes with their faux-antique finish, and I was wondering if any one knew approximately when the "MACO GI" restrikes might date from.
  13. Medal experts: I am trying to estimate a date of manufacture of a medal which is hallmarked on the modern style crimp broach MACO GI. This is not a hallmark Ive seen on a medal before. Thanks for any info
  14. Thanks for your response. The medal pictured below is the actual one I am asking about. I believe it is for service in the period from the end of the Korean War through the present:
  15. Medal collectors- I am looking for information on a medal created by the Republic of Korea for U.S. military personnel serving in S. Korea. This particular medal is not the U.S. issued Korean War service medal, the UN Korean War medal, or the more recent KDSM. The medal I am asking about was apparently created after the Korean War, however the US military blocked it from issued to U.S. personnel. Does anyone have any images of this medal or own one? Are there even any that still exist? Thanks
  16. Heh - I had a platoon sgt who referred to the Class A dress uniform as your court martial uniform
  17. So close to being a sharp looking uniform, but they just couldnt help themselves with adding the stupid belt. Ugh. In this day and age, I dont understand why they just dont make a dress uniform optional for lower enlisted. God, the money the government must be spending on uniforms that most soldiers hardly ever wear must be staggering.
  18. According to my research, many of the US campaign medals from WW2 and earlier were authorized and issued well after, in some cases years, after the events they were associated with. My question is how were these medals issued to their recipients considering that most were likely discharged back into civilian life as soon as possible? Were the medals issued only to those service members who cared to take the time to request them?
  19. Cool. What is a roster number? Is that like a predecessor of the service number? Yes, the coat has insignia on it. It has the old style Type II collar discs, with "G" under the crossed infantry rifles, and 33rd Infantry DUIs on the lapels. According to the seller, it belonged to a soldier named Edwin Sawyer. I'll try to get some pics up later
  20. I have an army uniform from the 1920s or 30s which is marked in ink pen on the cap, jacket, and breeches: 33G702X The insignia on the uniform is from Company G, 33rd Infantry Regt, which I assume accounts for 33G. Any ideas about what 702X signifies? Thanks for any responses.
  21. Looks like its in good hands now. Nice that the story of your grandfathers service will be accompanied by this tangible piece of history. Thanks for sharing.
  22. The following is an excerpt from a letter home penned by a soldier of the 1st NY Vol Infantry, from Camp McKinley in the Hawaiian Islands in 1898. It refers to the uniforms they have been issued: "We have been issued light flannels, duck suits and a fatigue uniform of brown canvass so are cool and can change from a hard working man to a very gentlemanly soldier at short notice" (www.spanamwar.com) Any ideas as to what a "duck suit" is? - Or what kind of "fatigue uniform" would give the appearance of a gentlemanly soldier? Thanks for any input.
  23. Wow, thanks thats ALOT less than they want for it. Surprised that they go for so little considering how seldom I see them....
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