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  1. Thanks everyone for the recommendations
  2. Over the years I’ve read a decent amount of first-hand accounts by American and German Veterans of their experiences as ordinary soldiers during the Second World War. I have never found a single first-hand account by a Japanese veteran of WWII. Is anyone aware of any books like this? Thanks
  3. Thanks for reposting for the 75th anniversary and keeping alive the memory of a young life cut short far away from his home
  4. Back during Desert Shield, I remember watching TV as a kid and seeing USAF general officers wearing chocolate chip camo 8-point covers with their rank sewn on. I dont recall ever seeing USAF wearing such headgear in the woodland pattern. Was this a unique uniform modification just for general officers? I had always thought the 8-point covers were strictly a USMC and Navy thing...
  5. Scratch that. Just the USMC pistol expert badge suspended by the expert rifleman bar.
  6. Unusual that the China Marine group includes Army type sharpshooter badges. Also looks like the Marine expert rifleman bar is suspending a pistol expert medal, and vice-versa for the Marine pistol expert bar...
  7. Any opinions on the origin of this one? Obviously not an original issue. The distinctive extra-thick planchet indicates Studley restrike. Any other opinions? Thanks eBay auction # 303337774755
  8. Incredible. That uniform after nearly a century still looks inspection-ready. Thanks so much for sharing
  9. According to an obituary I found online of the original owner, he graduated West Point class of 1933, and thereafter served in the Coast Artillery in Virginia, Texas, and Corregidor PI prior to the outbreak of WW II. From what I can tell, the the uniform and insignia appear consistent with the original owners service history
  10. Eyelets for Sam Brown belt hooks. Any indication this coat was tailored in the PI?
  11. Just added this one to the collection. 91st Coast Artillery Regiment (Philippine Scouts) 1st Lieutenant's uniform, circa 1930s. Information from the seller about the original owner is that he served in the Philippine Islands in 1935 - 1936. US and branch insignia on lapels are early type clutch-back. Lieutenant's bars and DUIs are pinback. No QM tag, tailor's label, or any markings other than original owners initials. Eyelets at waist indicate there were once belt hooks for a Sam Browne belt.
  12. Thanks for your insight. The vets family are practical people and would probably be glad to put the uniforms up for sale if there was significant collectors value. I guess the point I was trying to get at was -is there significant collectors value to uniforms belonging to a USMC Iwo vet, making it worthwhile to pursue researching their value further? I assumed they would be quite valuable, but I am surprised at how often I am mistaken in my opinions as to what is valuable, and what is not. Thanks again for your input
  13. BTW, I am not looking to get these uniforms for myself, as I dont collect USMC stuff, however, it seems as if from what I see on these boards that there is a lot of interest in Iwo Jima related items among USMC collectors.
  14. I guess what I am trying to determine is, do such uniforms have any significant collectors value which would make it worth their while to hang on to them and sell them to a reputable militaria dealer instead of donating them to the costume department?
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