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  1. Thanks for doing that. I would have, but Tapatalk wasn't being very cooperative.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/HSjQACm.png My grandfather, Sergeant Dennis Ray Evans, and his dog, King in Vietnam. He was a dog handler stationed near Da Nang in 1969-1970. He survived the war, but died in 2011.
  3. I highly recommend you make a stop at the military musuem in Paris. It's huge, and has lots of interesting exhibits. Napoleon's Tomb is also there
  4. There's also a name plate, but I didn't include it in this pic for some reason (I took it about three weeks ago when I got them). I'll try and put it up here later when I get home.
  5. Got 'em as a b-day gift from my uncle. There are no big time ribbons. Just the ones they practically give away for doing your job. Still pretty cool, though
  6. Can't help you with any others. Can't seem to find them on any online charts.
  7. I believe the last one is a Phillipine Liberation Ribboon
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