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  1. Yes this was the rockford il event this past year. Its a great one!
  2. Thank you! We are very lucky to get to ride on it! Even just to see it in real life!
  3. Early war nurses uniform. This uniform shouldn't be with the cape, (should be the white dress) but it was cold that day!
  4. Love! This is the next impression id like to do! Great info!
  5. Most amazing collection! Such a pleasure to see!
  6. Summer nurses uniform, late war style, and summer red cross uniform. Seersucker is not mine, but didn't want to crop her out:P chment=1052898:FB_IMG_1438352532153-1.jpg]
  7. Great photo! It would be fun to remake that one!
  8. Some of the things are complete groupings issued to one person, others i have had to put together to make a complete uniform. Thank you thought. We try very hard to keep things together, and the history alive.
  9. Yes, trinitykitty and i are in the cats meow group. I was just posting photos of uniforms i own, and i didn't look right to cut the photo.
  10. Thank you! We try very hard to do it correctly.
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