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  1. I think she probably did. First place to check is that septic tank,ha.
  2. Very cool D gaurd Sword. It is civil war period.
  3. I re-read the thread this morning. I noticed there was a dog tag in the original photos from were they came from. Turns out it was still in car from when I originally opened the frame the medals were in. One of article's he is in mentioned him losing a kidney in the 34th.
  4. Here are some photo's of the grouping. What I now know is his. For reference
  5. One person, who for some reason was awarded Air Force medals. But, he collected some random items along his travels it what it looks like. They're was two more cases of stuff not pictured above. When I have time today, I'll post his stuff for reference. Before anything is done with it.
  6. I found them with 442nd items and some Korean war . I now know they belong together. Thought it was just a coincidence. It stikes me as odd, why he didn't mention he had the certificates when I purchased the medals. He seemed hesitant to disclose anything about vet.
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