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  1. I have a set of AOR1 army customs. combat pants + barracks shirt. different cut to the navy customs.If you want ill take some better more detailed ones. got these for way less then navy customs are going for.
  2. Knock off/ commercial or possibly made for someone like iraq. i have propper stuff in the iraqi police digital camouflage.
  3. Thanks Paul, i picked it up for $200 Australian. So either way cant go wrong
  4. So patch and jacket is both good. Sorry i am new to ww2 stuff and there is a lot of fakes
  5. hi guys thanks for the help again I have found a patched m 43 jacket and here is a close up of the 101st patch on it. don't know how to tell if real or not. jacket is ok
  6. Again thanks for the info hope the extra photos help.
  7. Thanks for the info i will try and get more photos as i am looking to buy it. what is a fair price if it is real?
  8. Wanting to know if real or fake. and if real a fair value thanks.
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