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  1. Wow. That is one nice collection you have!
  2. At first I thought the same thing, but these trousers have the watch pocket and the 2 hip pockets are cut differently than the USMC ones. These look just like the Blue Denim work uniforms that the Army issued prior to the HBT. I haven't seen plastic buttons on the USMC and USN hbt trousers either.
  3. In my search for US Army WWII HBT trousers, which took me 3 years, I finally found two. However this one has me baffled. I looked at the threads and my reference books, but no luck. What threw me off was the patch pockets...I have never seen them on WWII hbts before. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. In the 3rd photo from the top, it almost looks like the tanker sitting on top is wearing the M44, while the tanker to his right is wearing polaroids.
  5. Keep trying. I've ordered from them before and they're awesome. I spoke to Scott yesterday and was told that Noreaster has been wreaking havoc in the east coast....they're literally in the heart of it.
  6. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4oNMDgMEGI8/VKN8oLQbK_I/AAAAAAAAC_g/mlz8mQ-jJ8E/s1600/rs_1024x759-140611082347-1024.Shia-LaBoeuf-Fury-Movie-Still.jl.061114_copy.jpg https://68.media.tumblr.com/4b632f41a5ec4cda7a1f86b24db97238/tumblr_ojplckhYb61s7ewe4o1_500.gif
  7. I believe they are polaroid goggles ( due to the light color frames). The one on the left is hard to tell, since Patton is looking up. It appears tankers used different kinds of goggles in Europe. In the movie Fury, I think Gordo wears the one that Patton has on the left picture.
  8. I would say so. A majority of tankers wore them (except the gunner and loader). http://www.militariarg.com/uploads/4/2/2/1/4221080/2415460.jpg?696
  9. Nice! I hope you got it for a good price. I got my QHMC M1 last year, although I waited 2 years for the seller to finally part with it.
  10. I was looking at bidding on the helmet as well...then I decided against it. Everything looked good to me except the bull; there's something about it that seems odd to me, but it's just me.
  11. Try straightening out the flag and looking at it through different angles and lighting. I believe the first one has Kennedy?
  12. Yup that's a 3rd ID PASGT helmet cover...I had one on my kevlar in 2003 except mine was a different material, not the rip-stop one you have in the picture. They let us keep those covers when we got back home from deployment in the summer of '03.
  13. Rather hard to tell just by looking at the microscopic photo.
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