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  1. jlhworks

    Col. Jimmie Coy

    https://www.columbiatribune.com/obituaries/story-obituaries-2020-12-29-jimmie-dean-coy-1946-2020-4066105001 Jim was a friend and I had the honor of setting up several displays covering his service. He served 25 years and deployed as a Special Operations Medical Officer to Panama, Peru, Israel, Honduras, Kuwait, and Turkey. He also interviewed many MOH winners and POWs and authored the Gathering of Eagles book series, which I highly recommend. I believe all the proceeds from his books go to charity. He was very humble in regards to his impressive career, whic
  2. Owen, thanks for your input. Yes, it does look quite like this apparent 70s or 80s Cabela's piece
  3. It's hard to tell from the photos, but the buttons are plastic gray pearlesque like on a dress shirt.
  4. This is something I just picked up on ebay for cheap, thought it was worth a chance. Appears to be a tailor made ERDL dress shirt stenciled to a 1st Recon BN vet. If anyone can help me with dating this or authenticating it, let me know. Not sure if it's Vietnam, Cold War, or modern junk. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Jack
  5. This helmet just screams Ken Hegwood's style. http://www.hastingstribune.com/military-artist-collector-looks-to-rebuild-workshop-lost-in-fire/article_33de24e6-d84b-11ea-98f9-e799f376925e.html
  6. The text on the helmet looks like those done by a gentleman in Nebraska who has done over 2000 painted lids for collectors, veterans and families. He sells them as repros, however they often end up back in the market being sold as legit. He uses lead paint that he stocked up on before it was banned.
  7. I just figured they'd lock this thread because it's foreign.
  8. Hard to say from the photos but you should post this in the world militaria forum
  9. Hello everyone, hope you all are having a great start to the New Year! We are starting off the new year with some great updates on our website! Feel free to check us out at mwmilitaria.com. Our updates include: -a nice Vietnam USAF Pararescue Jumper beret! -some scarce Korean War captured enemy material including a captured North Korean hat! -a selection of Vietnam bring backs including a platoon-signed NVA sun helmet! -a couple GWOT combat shirts worn by Special Forces soldiers! -some unique uniforms brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan including a captured Taliban outfit!
  10. The hand restraints are bogus and acquired from a known faker. OP has been a good sport about it and plans on returning them.
  11. Did you by chance acquire these from a guy named Jay Camp/tudia68/11bravo30?
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