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  1. Hi Joeclown, Brilliant, thank you very much for your help, much appreciated!! All the best regards JEB
  2. Hi Folks, I'm struggling with the following DUI. It came on a pre WW2 Summer officer jacket with Artillery collars, and with cavalry breaches... Thanks in advance for your help, Kind regards JEB
  3. Great piece, not that common at all! Angolia has got a few in his volume 2. The look the Par! How are the pocket on yours then? are they sewn down or normal cargo pockets? Thanks for sharing! JEB
  4. Hi depending on how detailed you heat stamp chart is, 1100 is the start of 1945 on mine 👌 Nice Westinghouse Liner with great net and pot! I'd take that for a neat WW2 helmet even if it may not have seen an overseas theatre! Cheers JEB
  5. hi Gents, thank you very much for your input, I'll go for it then and will keep you updated Much appreciated! Regards JEB
  6. Hi Costa, thanks for your message. I did ask the seller and he couldn't make one out... I know these were not always present so I was not to concerned by it not being there; shame cause it would have squared things away ? good or bad! I think I can`t make out my mind because of the finish on the snaps. It's not exactly the matt, finish I'm used to, specially with the rust coming out?? Thanks again, JEB
  7. A few more pics from the snaps at lower pocket and neck area. [/url JEB
  8. Hi Gents, as part of a larger group of clothing of mixed regular Army stuff on the net, I made out the following Jump Jacket on the side. I was able to request a few additional pics from the seller and I'm hoping you coud provide some opinions on it. The jacket has a crown main zipper, not the usual diagonally marked version, but the complex spring loaded version.It's broken at 3/4 's up. The knife pocket zippers are Conmar. Not sure what to make of the snaps button.. A mix of Zinc plated and blackened steel?? Unfortunately I have limited pics at the moment, hope you can get an
  9. Hi Moonlight Gecko, sorry to dig this one out a month later, jacket looks great! Just wondering if you'd gone for it or not and if by any chance you could post a picture of the Conmar pocket zipper? Thanks in advance, JEB
  10. Hi As above, good looking airborne M1 heat stamp looks to be 1129, so production of the shell between Nov 44-March 45. The liners looks like it has green painted A washers so production between 43 to early 44. A nice looking set and the shell has a great look to it! Great tip, thanks for this I had never considered it in the past!! Kind regards JEB
  11. Hi All and thanks for chipping in! Wow just under a grand.. 38 bids, 13 Bidders; I don't necessarily look at other auctions' bidding wars, but that is a good hit! A while back I was bidding on a patch A2 jacket to an 82nd Officer, with same figures 17 bidders, 32 bids.. Serious ebayer got the final word, for what I believe to be, a lot of money... Thanks again Kind regards JEB
  12. Guys thanks all for your input, I kept looking further into the name, the seller confirmed this was the vet's name and ASN and I came on the following link: https://picclick.com/Original-scarce-World-War-2-dog-tag-T43-132733688392.html For future ref just in case, here is the pic: . Would this be a second set of tags? Cheers JEB
  13. Hi Guys, I'm not intending to bid on this one, I have doubts on it and wanted to have your opinions as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-17th-airborne-513th-Parachute-PIR-grouping-named/392663082161?hash=item5b6c8b24b1:g:ZmUAAOSwce1eMqQf Firstly it is an extensive grouping, with a lot of shiny attractive bits. Secondly the set up for a 513th vet is leaving me a little skeptical. 82nd Combat patch on right shoulder, although he fought in Belgium and jumped on Varsity with the 17th. Plus, I wouldn't expect a Dutch lanyard on it. No available pics of the laundry marks. Just
  14. Hi, I believe the seller is also a member here. Kind regards JEB
  15. Saw that one, and considered it heavily Glad you got hold of it, it's in good hands, and congrats on the ID!! Definitely keep us posted Cheers JEB
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